The NEW IKEA Tampines Småland children’s play area is opened!

[By Big C]

The moment Big E has been waiting for is here! Småland has reopened! They are now on trial and will be officially opened with effect from 14 Dec 17.

We were disappointed to see Småland under renovation when we visited last month as it has been awhile since Big E visited IKEA. BUT we were happy too because there will be new things to look forward too and more important, it will be clean!

So here’s how it goes now…

Registration – Machine
They have changed the registration method, or rather they have added a step.
You will now have to scan their IC or driving licence, followed by your right thumbprint to register you child for a queue number. You will also have to enter your mobile number so that you can receive the SMS with your queue number. An SMS alert will also be sent to you when your queue number is near, as well as when the 1-hour playtime is about to be up.

NOTE: The mobile number field is pre-filled with your IC number so remember to delete it and re-enter with your mobile number.

Registration – Paper
The first step will only get you the queue number, you will still need to fill in the form (like before) with both your child’s and your particulars. This form is to be submitted to the staff when your number is called.

Height limit 
This is very important! They are strict on the height restriction. Your child must be between 100cm and 120cm to enter and no parent is allowed to accompany. Do check beforehand else you risk disappointing your child when he/she is rejected.

The play time limit is 1 hour. You will receive a SMS alert near the end of the 1 hour so you can make your way there. When I reached there, Big E was still playing inside. So they did not pull her out right on the dot. This is the same as before. Sometimes when we are 5 minutes late, she is still playing happily inside.

I had to wait for the kids to enter before I could get to the staff to inform her of my pick up. She asked if I registered using thumbprint, I said yes and she got me to scan my thumbprint. She saw the records and went to get Big E. I quite like the pick up process now because no hassle of getting my IC out again.

When I was standing at the entrance, it felt really cold so I suggest you bring along a jacket for your child.

Play stuff
To be honest, I was not thrilled by the content. Yes the place looks neat and clean but it doesn’t look that exciting too. It looks pretty plain for now.

The all-time favourite ball pit is still there and we can see the kids clearly from the window now! This is Big E’s favourite!

New kitchen sets and board stands have been added! I think this would be fun for kids who enjoy pretend play. Of course then they may ask you to  buy the stuff for them. =P

There is also the mini stairway and below it, there are some cushion like a relaxed area.

Well, it may not look that exciting to me but Big E still enjoyed herself very much! She told me she made some new friends and they pretended to be having some kind of adventure. Kudos to her social skills!

Do share with me your experience at the new Smaland and tell me if your kids enjoy it like Big E! Comment below or email me.

IKEA Tampines Smaland (6)IKEA Tampines Smaland (2)IKEA Tampines Smaland (4)IKEA Tampines Smaland (3)IKEA Tampines Smaland (1)IKEA Tampines Smaland (5)

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