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Where to get cute reusable masks for your children in Singapore?

[By Big C]

With the lifting of circuit breaker and announcement of the safety measures, parents are scrambling around trying to get surgical masks, face shield, reusable masks that would fit their little ones. And of course, hopefully they would be cute enough to get the kids to keep them on!

So, here we are recommending this series of 3D water repellent masks from our affiliated partner – The Emma Shop. The outer is water repellent and it comes with filter slot. You can either purchase filters online or you could dry your clean wet wipes and use them as filters.

They are definitely not for urgent orders due to the long waiting time but perhaps will come in handy to replace current masks or take over your disposable ones as the COVID-19 situation calms further later on. The long waiting time is due to production as well as the shipping which is taking longer these days.

You can choose to purchase it at their Shopee shop or email us at to place your orders. We will collate the orders and submit to The Emma Shop together.

PREORDER BASIS – 3D reusable water repellent 2ply mask with filter slots

Material : water repellent canvas
Inner : cotton
Adult size : 20 cm x 9 cm
Kids size: 17.5 cm x 8 cm
Soft elastic band (adjustable)

1 for $9.90
Order 4pc or more, $8.00 each

Top up $1.40 for normal mail
Top up $4.00 for courier
Free courier for purchase with more than 10pc

Order format
Size: Adult or Kids

Pre Order schedule:
PO batch 02 Close 03/06 (Ready 03/07)
PO batch 03 Close 10/06 (Ready 10/07)
PO batch 04 Close 17/06 (Ready 17/07)
PO batch 05 Close 24/06 (Ready 24/07)
PO batch 06 Close 01/07 (Ready 01/08)

There is another range Premium sateen which can be personalised with your name / intials! Comes in 3 sizes!

* Kids size 12 x 16 cm cm
* Lady size 13 x 19 cm
* Men size 14 x 21 cm

PREORDER BASIS – Personalised Premium Sateen 3ply Mask

Premium Sateen
No slot for filter
Adult size only

You can add personalized name or initial for free
Pre order will close on every Wednesday, processing time 3 weeks after pre-order close

1 for $13.50
2 for $25.00

The 2 can be in different design, different names, different size.

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