Toilet training for your tot / preschooler?

[By Big C] About Big E @ 4.5yo

toilet training

This afternoon, Big E wet herself during her nap and she woke up in shock and screamed a little. Initially I thought it was because she slept on the sofa instead of her bed so she got a shock.

I went to her and realised ooops… she wet herself again… or rather I forgot to get her to put on her diapers again…

So why did I forget?

Because she is semi toilet trained, like she is diaper-free all day and even naps without diaper in school! Okay.. she does have occasional accidents in school but 90% of the time, she is good.

At night, we didn’t want to take the chance and having to wake at 3am to change the sheets. So we decided to keep those diapers on till she is able to stay dry through the night.

In the day, she is very good without any accident no matter what she is doing. Even if she is watching TV or playing games.

So good that we tend to forget to put her diapers on when she dozes off unexpectedly.

How did she get toilet trained in the first place?

I have always been cool about toilet training as I believe in natural progression and I read about scary stuff like how kids get UTI and constipation from holding in for too long. To be honest, I am also plain lazy. I am seriously not looking forward to cleaning up any accidents around the house esp the toys area!

So it started in school nearing end of Toddler days, around 3yo, where the teachers start to put them on trial periods after practising communication with them. They go back to diapers if the child wets himself continuously and will try again after a couple of weeks.

It was a progressive move. Only when they are really good off diapers during their lesson or play time, then the Teachers will start to try out nap times.

We also started to encourage her to inform us whenever she needs to pee or poo, and making the toilet accessible to her.

I remember end of N1, Teachers told me to talk to Big E about not putting on diapers for naps because she insisted on wearing them and she is one of the last 3 kids in class to be still on diapers. Teachers emphasised that the other two were the youngest in class.

I was secretly happy that Big E had sense to continue her diapers! That means less wet mattress cover etc to handle. But I was also concerned about her mentality towards getting off diapers.

So I told her Teachers to let her be….

and let’s observe what happens in a month’s time. I was worried she is stressed out by accidents and that would slow down her development.

This method worked and she has since been off diapers entirely in school!

As for at home… I am still keeping my fingers crossed on natural progression, believing that she will one day be trained on her own… 😉

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