Who is Small C?

Hi there!

I am Small C, the younger sis and I am a Singaporean enjoying every moment of my singlehood. I love to shop for beauty products and go overseas. I would be using this space to share about my life, work, holidays and beauty collections.

I am…

born in the year of HORSE
currently passed a quarter of a century of life.

a typical full-time employee…
who works a fixed working hours daily.

I love…

Shopping for beauty products, fashion clothings and shoes. Given that I am have lesser commitment and being single, I am able to finance my shopaholic spirit. Although, I shop a lot, I always buy things at sales or at a cheaper price.

Collecting Samples of products ranging from hair care to skin care. As I love to try new products before I commit into the brands, I will get sample to try from all sort of sources, from websites to physical stores.

Travelling overseas free and easy at low cost and best comfort.

I have…
2 nephews and 1 niece (Big C’s children)

Signing off,
Small C

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