My experience with AudioHouse for my LG OLED Evo TV

[By Big C]

Source: Audiohouse website

Recently, our LG Curve screen TV of 5- 6 year old died out of sudden. The screen stopped showing images though the TV was still functioning. We didnt think about getting it repaired since it has been some years and the hubby obviously wants to get a bigger TV!

Thankfully it was really near 11.11 and we started researching for the latest model and tech as well as the best deal / service we can find.

First, we went to our usual haunts like GainCity at AMK and Harvey Norman at Hougang Mall and Courts at Tampines to look at physical TVs and compare by resolution etc.

The hubby was aiming for 75inch but I insisted no way! How can my 5 room living room provide sufficient distance to enjoy that size properly? Haha so I insisted on 65inch or smaller.

Which TV did we have our eyes on?

We compared 3 models which was introduced by the staff. As it turns out, one of the very enthu promoter were actually Sony’s rep hence he was totally promoting Sony. We then met also staff of the store who were able to offer a more balanced sharing of the products’ selling points.

Disclaimer: I am not a pro in tech products haha so my points pertaining to the TV partially based on the tech, partially based on the vanity aspect. =P This post is more to share about how great the deal was at AudioHouse! So please do find out more on the tech and specs on your own to find your ideal TV!

Then we compare X90J with Samsung Neo QLED, not bad! They were comparable but Samsung looks a tad better! And the price is around $200 difference – Samsung being the more expensive one. And I spotted stand that says Neo QLED are better for the eyes!

Then we spotted the LG OLED Gallery series on the further right. I was in love with the colour as I find that it isnt as glaring as Samsung while still rendering vibrant and sharp colours. AND they are eye-safe too!

When I asked about the difference between Neo QLED and OLED, the promoter explained about backlit LCD / LED and self lit OLED. The key thing I understand and picked up is self-lit OLED will let me see dark scenes better!

But having a price tag of $3.8k after all the possible discount they can throw in was still worth some consideration.

If you like what we share below, and would like to also sign up for membership, hope you will use our referral so we can get a little reward from there. Thanks!
Sign up membership here: https://www.audiohouse.com.sg/register.php?ref=5002904772599

So, after scouting across the stores, the deals were about the same at around $3.8k and all they are throwing in was the free wall-mount. This is so different from 5 years ago where they even throw in a smaller 32inch TV and great price for sound bar.

Service at Audiohouse for our LG OLED!

Then we decided to pop in AudioHouse as it was near my mum’s place at Ubi. We didn’t know what membership program they have even though we saw the huge sign of $20 eCashback with every $100 spent.

So, we just went in and Amos came along to serve us. We told him directly that we were keen to find out more about the LG OLED TV and he explained to us about the A, C, G series. We eliminated A series as it was only 60hz refresh rate while C and G were 120. Next we eliminated C series as the sound is 2.2ch while G is 4.2ch.

Ohh and how pretty it looks on display! It is so slim and slick to the wall! As it turns out, G = Gallery and it is designed to be like picture on the wall and guess what! It comes specially only for wall-mount so no legs given! And it was a problem for us as somehow our feature wall box up was deemed to be not strong enough by the previous guys who helped mount our previous LG TV so they did some work around and we are not sure if it would work this time. And this G1 TV is also not compatible with the usual squarish 4 bolt type of bracket. It is specially designed as horizontal bar on the upper portion of the TV which allows the TV to be full flushed to the wall. Pretty but tricky for us.

We decided to try our luck and Amos told us he is going to throw in the legs free for us! Yay, we were told at GainCity to purchase it. But then I have to say the legs are not pretty so we were so so so relieved when the guys who came said it is not a problem and we have it wall mounted! Yay!

We then also added a JBL soundbar which OMG, can remove the side speakers for surround sound effect! And a big subwoofer. Quite obvious who chose it.

And due to the awesome Cashback program, we decided to also grab our Dyson V12 which we have been thinking about for a long long time!

How does the eCashback work?

You will receive $20 eCashback for every $100 spent. And this eCashback can be used to offset your subsequent purchases. But do not that the offset also works by similar logic of $20 off every $100 and not in full sum. But then, there is no expiry date to the credits so there is no pressure.

So for eg, our TV cost us $3.8k and we are entitled to $760 eCashback. The $760 will not be able to offset for eg my entire Dyson V12 which cost $958 and let me pay only $198. Instead, I would be able to offset only $180 (i.e for 20 x 9).

So we paid for the TV first and the transaction was done via one of their computers. It was pretty much like making online purchase where we need to login our account and then paying via credit card by entering details, cvv and then OTP.

Right after, you will see the eCashback amount credit in your account! Don’t need to wait till delivery for it to be credited.

Thereafter, you can proceed with your next purchase. Do note that purchases that use eCashback to offset will not be entitled to the $20 per $100 spent BUT there is still a 3%! For us, we decided to offset since the amount is substantial and we wont be buying more.

So we combined Dyson + JBL soundbar + a home cordless phone set (which my mum needs) and it was around $2k. We then able to offset $400 straightaway. The balance $1.6k is then eligible for a 3% cashback which came up to around $50.

TV = pay $3.8k /eCashback $760
JBL soundbar + Dyson + phone set = initial $2k minus cashback $400 = $1.6k / 3% rebate cashback $50
Balance cashback = 760 – 400 + 50 = $410

Yup, so we are a new convert to buying stuff from AudioHouse now! It is unlikely any other program will be able to compete with this cashback program! Very useful especially for the new couples who want to furnish their new BTO.

You can sign up for the free membership here: https://www.audiohouse.com.sg/register.php?ref=5002904772599

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