My miscarriage : The procedure

[By Big C] Continued from: My miscarriage : Pre-procedure


So I made the decision to be scheduled immediately for the procedure. I remember during my reading, it was often called D&C (Dilation and Curettage) but my doctor ordered for “Uterus evac” instead. I later found out evac is also known as D&E (Dilation and evacuation).

The purpose of both procedures is the same i.e to remove tissue from the uterus to prevent infection or heavy bleeding. And yes, that means to remove the remains of my unborn and the water bag etc.

The difference lies in the technique and also usually D&C is for first trimester while D&E is for second trimester. So D&E is more complex and includes combination of D&C techniques plus use of surgical instruments such as forceps.

I remember overhearing nurses wondering aloud why doctor ordered an evac. I am guessing because I was supposed to be only in my 1st trimester and D&C should suffice. I think maybe because it’s my 2nd pregnancy so doc wanted to ensure a proper clean-out? I didn’t care to ask. All I wanted was to get it over.

The paper work

I opted to be admitted on the same day, and doc told me that it will be classified as an emergency case because it will take a long time to schedule for appointment and in this case, we cannot wait.

By emergency case means I would be scheduled immediately for the op right after my fasting period, but any other MORE urgent case will come before me. I had to fast for at least 6 hours as I would be on GA (general anaesthesia). I had breakfast that morning at 9am so I had to wait till 3pm.

I opted for Ward C (KK hospital) since it’s going to be only one night. The protocol is for us to be warded for at least 24 hours for observation. And since I was a subsidised patient for the pregnancy, I was automatically eligible.

The total cost came up to around S$900 plus and we deducted it from Medisave. For such procedures, insurance was unfortunately not applicable. At least not for the plans I have.

The hunger and thirst

Hubby went with me to the ward and he left to prepare other stuff before fetching Big E.  At this point, you might think that I would be crying my eyes out. But nope. Maybe I simply shut myself off so all I could focus on was when can I finally eat and drink.

The hours of waiting were excruciating. I was getting more and more impatient because I was getting hungrier and thirstier by the minute.

The Pill

Finally a nurse came and I thought it was going to be THE TIME! But no. It was only time for the pill insertion to dilate the cervix, in preparation for the procedure. It’s getting real now. And ouch, it’s really uncomfortable having the pill shoved in.

I was told that I might experience cramps after some time.

The passage to the end

Finally at 9pm. I was told, it’s my turn. I sat on the wheelchair, and was wheeled to the operating theatre. Now, it’s getting even more real. The journey felt cold and lonely. Hubby was home with Big E and I was alone. I felt that I preferred this way because I didn’t want to be vulnerable in front of hubby and I didn’t want him to go through this too. Me, alone, is enough.

On the cold bed

I was told to lie down on the bed to wait. I teared at this point. The kind nurse walked past and saw the tear. Gave me a pat and asked if I was alright. I nodded and focussed on not breaking down. And then I was pushed to another waiting room where I confirmed my IC number at least 10 times with different nurses / doctors who were doing different things. I stared at the ceiling and wondered if I was going to just doze off. I wondered what Big E and hubby were doing.

In between, I remember one doc introduced herself as the doctor who will be performing the procedure. Other conversations were between the nurses and docs about what a busy day they have.

They informed each other that I was alone there. They asked me for my hubby’s contact number and told me not to worry. They will let him know once I am out safe and awake.

Looking at the bright light

Then the DOOR opened. It was the entrance to the operating theatre itself. Then it was just like what we see in dramas and movies. You look at the light. Someone speaks to you and ask you again for your IC number and then he will tell you that you are going to fall asleep.

I remember I was staring with my eyes wide open and then it was black.

Waking up to a choke

I am thankful that I read up before the procedure! One mummy warned about the plastic piece that they would put in our mouth to prevent tongue biting when we wake up suddenly. I bit on the piece and gag slightly. The nurse came so quickly and removed it before I even realised I was awake.

It’s finally over…

The nurses came over to ask if I was feeling alright. They called my hubby and updated him of my status. They then came to tell me that he has been informed and he was trying to get Big E to sleep. It’s finally over and my whole mind was “can I get some food?”

After my repeated requests and reminder about food, I reached my bed in ward to hot milo and crackers! Awesome… I ate and slept… the best I slept in a few weeks…

But is it really over in my heart?

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