Do you know that iliadin nose drops shouldn’t be used for more than 5 consecutive days?

[By Big C]

ALERT PARENTS! Please take note of this point and pass the message to all your friends as iliadin nose drop is a very common prescription and it’s also available OTC (Over-the-counter).

iliadin product 3

iliadin® 0,01 % Nose Drops is a nasal decongestant in an easy-to-use drop format especially for infants from 1 month to 1 year of age; while 0,025% is for children up to age of 6.

I recalled the very first time Big E was prescribed this nose drop, I was advised about NOT using it for more than 5 days! Thereafter, I think sometimes I am advised and sometimes not. Some docs play it safe and stated 3 days; while some have no mentions at all.

I realised that many parents (some are my friends and some are from facebook group discussion) are not aware of this “limitation”. Even some who got it prescribed by doctors do not know. And this piece of information is not explicitly stated on the product packaging, but is indicated on the leaflet.

Why is it important to limit the days of usage?

Special Precautions (Taken from

Permanent use of decongestant rhinological agents may attenuate their effect. The abuse of local rhinological agents may cause mucosal atrophy and reactive hyperaemia with rhinitis medicamentosa. Longer use of oxymetazoline may cause damage to the mucosal epithelium with inhibition of ciliary activity. This may possibly result in irreversible damage to the mucosa with rhinitis sicca.
Long-term use and overdosage must be avoided, especially in children. Dosage higher than recommended may only be used under medical supervision.

In simpler terms, continuous usage for more than 5 days may cause the congestion to return and worsen!

Product information from official iliadin

It is stated “Do not use for longer than five days”.


Product information from an e-store

It doesn’t say anything about limited days of use.

iliadin product 2

Though I believe those negative effects will only kick in if the usage is really long-term like weeks or months, I still hope to be aware and not unintentionally cause harm to my kids, especially if there will be permanent impact.

So be safe than sorry! Take careful note from now and spread the word around. The next time you get this medicine via prescription, do confirm with doctor on this and advise them to include it in their advisory at all times.

If you have anything you wish to warn the other parents about, please feel free to contact me via Facebook ( or email (

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