TCM Herbal Soup for kid’s cough

[By Big C]

When your kid coughs for 1 week… 2 weeks… 3 weeks… when is it ever going to stop? Not to forget all the cough-gag-puke cycles…

My mum has been asking me to check out the TCM halls to get some almond (南杏北杏) stuff and I happen to see this pre-packed herbs 止咳汤 that literally means stop cough soup.

Pasar Zhi Ke Tang 105G @ S$3.50
Relieves cough and strengthens function of respiratory system

Tangerine, Fig, Peeled almond, Tendrilleaf Fritillary bulb, liquorice.

Preparation Information:
1. Add ingredients into 0.6 litres of boiling water.
2. Cool for 1-2 hours under low heat and serve.

I used the La Gourmet thermal pot to boil it for fifteen minutes before storing it for a half a day. Tip: Use a tea bag sieve to hold the almonds so you don’t need to scoop them out one by one later.

Preparation : EASY! Good for people who doesn’t cook (like me!)

Taste : Nooooo… okay it’s sweet but I personally don’t like almond at all so the taste really turns me off.. and there is quite abit of bitterness after the sweet. but it goes off quite immediately

Big E said she doesn’t like the taste but I told her it’s either this or the cough syrup and she decided that this is better

Effects: Both Big E and I drank only 1/4 cup . She didn’t cough much that night and following morning. Seems like it did improve her condition.

If you are not keen on western medication or it isn’t working out, you might want to try this!

Disclaimer: when in doubt, please seek proper medical advice from physicians.

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