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I’ve tried FREAKY NINE’s tattoos

[By Small C]

Growing up in Asian’s family, the idea of tattoos is always view as a sign of rebellious. (Stereotype, Ikr.. very..) And during my childhood, the convenience stores a.k.a chap huey diam always have those very LOUD designs temporary tattoos and I remembered my elder cousin came to our house and try putting on a temporary DRAGON on his arm. So, we took a basin to collect water and sat in the living room. I forgot after how long, we managed to get the dragon stick to his arm and with a big mess in the living room. Oh yea, getting it off was another nightmare.. we used up half the small bottle of Johnson Baby lotion and rubbed till my hand sore to get it off his arm. Stay on power, 10/10. That’s 28years ago..

Hence, I always had this idea that getting temporary tattoos on is hassle and messy. Till, I get to know FREAKY NINE, this idea changed. (Fyi, I am not very into temporary tattoos / any form of tattoos, so I am not sure if there is any other brands that work the same way as FREAKY NINE.)


FREAKY NINE is a korean brand for temporary tattoo. They have a lot of different temporary tattoo designs where they collaborates with ten different styles korean tattooists.

Here are some of designs.. (extracted from their website)

I have selected a total of 5 different tattoos. And I’ve tried one of my favorite designs on. Can you guess which one of these designs, I’ve applied on?

What does each set comes with?

Every set of tattoo designs comes in two pieces and they are very nice enough to provide alcohol wipes (as you need them for application of the tattoos). And best of everything, every set of tattoos come with an application instruction card as you will see in the below image.

FREAKY NINE Tattoo Application

The application of FREAKY NINE tattoo is impressively easy and clean. I guess the only mess / waste you left with will be the packaging and alcohol wipes.

First, you wipe the area where you want to stick the tattoo on with the provided alcohol wipes and while waiting for it to dry, cut tattoo excess white area out and remove the transparent/ clear protective sheet of the tattoo. And all you have to do is position the tattoo sticker on the area you want it to stick at and put on even pressure across the tattoo sticker for 10-20seconds. And removed the film of the sticker and.. TADAH~! You have your tattoo on!!

If you still not sure how to apply this tattoo on, no worries, you can refer to the video instruction on freakynine’s website.

Extracted from Freakynine’s website.

How long does freakynintattoo stay on?

According to FREAKY NINE’s website, the tattoo should last for 2-5days if there is minimal friction. As I sticked my tattoo on my wrist/ lower arm area, the friction is very minimal except if I were to wear my watch. The tattoo was in perfect shape on Day 1. As you can see Day 2, the tattoo came off a little it was due to the friction between my smart watch while I worn it on at night.

This tattoo lasted for about 7 days with me not wearing my watch at all from Day 2 onwards. By Day 10 (refer to the last photo), you left only a tiny bits of tattoo left.

Removing of FREAKY NINE Tattoo Sticker

According to their website, removal of the tattoo, all you need is to soak it with warm water for a while and erase using an oil-based cleanser. It is very easy to remove. After Day 10, I decided to remove the remaining tattoo sticker off by using the mentioned method. Yes, indeed easily came off.

Worth it? Worth a try?

I guess it is worth a try FREAKY NINEtattoo if you want to put on a temporary tattoo for festive seasons. For the hassle-free application method and removal method, I would definitely give it a 10/10. For the stay-on power, I guess it is about 8.5/10, but I guess this will not be any problem if you were to stick it on somewhere that friction is minimal. For it to stay on for more than 2-5 days at least, it is definitely good enough for just the festive seasons.

Not only the above reasons why I would try FREAKY NINE tattoo again, they have a lot of designs for you to choose and I did have some issues while choosing the designs… I feel like GETTING ALL THE DESIGNS.

I will definitely try on the other designs this upcoming Chinese New Year. I will update you guys soon on their colour tattoos once I try it on.


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