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Hello there!!

We are a pair of typical Singaporean sisters who are 6 years apart, at different stage of life and leading pretty different lifestyle… and we have somewhat a Master / Slave kind of relationship. No prize for guessing who is the Master and who IS the slave. *Wink*

We are not the high profile kind nor the public attention seeking sort but we felt that since we have so much to talk about, why not share it with others and you know.. try to earn some small money to feed our shopping desires through affiliate links (which we will declare whenever applicable).

If you have any questions for us or would like to share about specific topics, do email us at thechuasisters@gmail.com.

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I am Big C,

the elder sis and I am a regular Singaporean working mum. I would be using this space to share everything on my mind – about life, kids, work, fun, love… You may find me random but you know… life is as such… full of randomness ~

More about me and my family…

I am a FTWM (full time working mum) 
who is blessed with flexi-work arrangement that is not tied to any company policy. It is purely based on agreement and trust between me and my direct lead. Cool, isn’t it? That of course I have to ensure that I fulfill whatever is expected of me; and yes actually we do have some kind of work log that keeps us under “control”. =P

Both my husband and I are born in year of Rat…
Just a cycle apart! Yup, he is 12 years older. Look out for my stories of how life is like with a much older hubby.

We have 2 + 1 kids
17 year old (born 2000) stepboy – pursuing diploma in Poly (M)
4.5 year old (born 2013) girl – attends full time childcare N2 (Big E)
2 year old (born 2015) boy – attends full time childcare Toddler (Small E)

I had an early miscarriage in 2014
had to go through uterus evacuation at Week 10. Fetal pole was never seen from the start.

I had a dramatic blood gushing pregnancy for my rainbow baby
Huge amount of blood and clot masses flooded my toilet during the first bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital for a total of FIVE times before miraculously smooth delivery at Week 37!

I have an amazing sister aka Small C!
She leads a very different life from me and so sharing this space would be interesting!

I am Small C,

the younger sis and I am a Singaporean enjoying every moment of my singlehood. I love to shop for beauty products and go overseas. I would be using this space to share about my life, work, holidays and beauty collections.

I am…

born in the year of HORSE
currently passed a quarter of a century of life.

a typical full-time employee…
who works a fixed working hours daily.

I love…

Shopping for beauty products, fashion clothings and shoes. Given that I am have lesser commitment and being single, I am able to finance my shopaholic spirit. Although, I shop a lot, I always buy things at sales or at a cheaper price.

Collecting Samples of products ranging from hair care to skin care. As I love to try new products before I commit into the brands, I will get sample to try from all sort of sources, from websites to physical stores.

Travelling overseas free and easy at low cost and best comfort.

I have…
2 nephews and 1 niece (Big C’s children)