Who is going to pay for our late pick up fees to childcare centres during train breakdowns?

[By Big C]

I get it… I get it that it’s the unlucky aura and whatever human nonsense that is causing the train delays and breakdowns…

I am in total understanding that those guys are working hard to resolve the issues and we should give them time and space to do so…

and for all the breakdowns, no it’s okay… I don’t need your refund Nor the free service buses…

Because THAT is NOTHING compared to the late pick up fees that will cost me $10 for every 5 minute block after 7pm!

If you don’t already know, child care centres have a late pick up penalty policy where you will be charged for every minute after 7pm.

For my kids’ centre, it’s $10 for every 5 minute. So that means if you reach between 7.01-7.05pm, you are liable to pay the teacher on duty $10. If you unfortunately arrive at 7.06pm, there you go… that’s a $20 please…

The intention is good, to prevent inconsiderate parents from picking up theit kids late and eating into the Teachers’ precious personal time.

Of course, as a working mum, I do all I can to make arrangement with my boss and colleagues so that I can leave work on time.

And I practically brisk walk just to make sure that I don’t waste time on the journey lest I be late.

So can you imagine my feelings and my POCKET and my poor kids’ stranded feelings when the train breaks down at evening peak hour?

That works out to $2 per minute and that’s worse than getting stuck in a jam with your taxi meter jumping!

During the last massive breakdown, I had to reroute to get to their school. I was at Bishan and their school is at Ang Mo Kio.

I reached at 730pm and thankfully hubby made it on time because he drives but he was struggling to manage both of them with the bags all alone.

I saw in a Facebook group – one Mum shared how she had to fork out $120 CASH on the spot because she reached at 8pm.

When the kids were at another infant care centre in their younger days, I was “fined” too on two occasions. No chance.

Small E was in another chain centre, I was given verbal warning once and “fined” on the second. The teacher rushed me to sign out on the iPad before picking up the bag because she didn’t want the iPad to register 7.16pm, incurring additional $10.

So what I am saying is… the PENALTY IS REAL! They WILL collect it from the parents!!

These penalties are also not monitored by MSF. Below quoted from here.

“We also do not monitor nor regulate how centres determine additional charges, if any, for late pickups, as these are commercial arrangements between centres and parents.”

So even if we do understand the time and space needed to resolve the train issues, who is going to understand us parents and who is going to foot the bill for the penalty?

Comment below or email me if you have been a victim too!

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