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Children in MOE kindergartens to get priority in entering co-located primary schools 

“Under the pilot programme, these children will be eligible under Phase 2A2 starting from the 2018 Primary 1 registration exercise, for admission in 2019.

Previously, Phase 2A2 was only reserved for children whose parents or siblings have studied in the school, and whose parents are staff members of the school.

The 12 primary schools where the kindergartens are located are Northoaks, Riverside, Punggol Green, Punggol View, Sengkang Green, Springdale, Farrer Park, Blangah Rise, Dazhong, Frontier, Westwood and West Spring. Co-located kindergartens are under the purview of the schools.”  Read more here

It attracted my attention because Big E is in K1 in 2018 and I do have my concerns about getting her into a primary school. I honestly do not want to be stressed out over getting a place in a school that is nearby! My top priority is location followed by the school’s environment. BUT.. we are not in MOE kindergarten and we don’t have one that is nearby enough at the moment.

But still, perhaps I could do some research… who knows maybe Small E may benefit in a couple years to come.

What is MOE kindergarten?

The MOE Kindergarten programme is a 4-hour programme. Parents who
require a full-day service for their children can opt for Kindergarten Care
(KCare), which is provided by MOE-appointed service providers and
based on MOE guidelines.

Where are the MOE kindergartens located?

The list of MKs co-located with primary schools with MK children participating in the 2018 Primary 1 Registration Exercise are below.

MOE kindergarten1

Who is eligible to enrol?

Children who are Singaporean and Singapore Permanent residents.

MOE kindergarten2

How is admission process like?

What is the programme hours and term calendar?

MOE kindergarten3

What is the curriculum?

HI-Light Programme (Holistic development through an integrated approach to learning)

It forms the core curriculum of MOE Kindergarten.
Through the HI-Light Programme, your child will be nurtured holistically in six learning areas:

  1. Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  2. Discovery of the World
  3. Language and Literacy
  4. Motor Skills Development
  5. Numeracy
  6. Social and Emotional
  7. Development

Starlight Literacy Programme (Nurturing early childhood bilingualism)

This programme aims to nurture early childhood bilingualism. Offered in English and the three Mother Tongue Languages, the programme provides opportunities for children to enjoy English and their Mother Tongue Language, communicate with confidence and be aware of local traditions and customs.

Through the programme, your child will develop listening, speaking and early literacy skills, which will help lay a strong foundation for language learning in later years.

What is the difference between the curriculum in the MOE Kindergartens and other pre-school centres?

The curriculum in the MOE Kindergartens is the first to be developed by MOE curriculum and pre-school education specialists. It is based on the belief that children are curious, active and competent learners and is guided by widely recognised principles in pre-school education articulated in MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework.

It is organised around themes and projects, includes resources with a distinctive Singapore flavour and emphasises language learning. Each child will learn the English Language and one of the three official Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs), namely, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. The teachers in the MOE Kindergartens receive the necessary professional development opportunities and strong support from MOE HQ to enable them to implement the curriculum effectively.

Other pre-school centres in Singapore are privately-run and the curriculum they adopt is planned by their own teachers or a centralised curriculum team at the headquarters. Their curriculum may take reference from the principles in the NEL Framework or may be based on certain philosophies and pre-school approaches.

How much are the programme fees?

MOE Kindergarten programme Monthly fees (2018)
$160 for Singapore Citizen children
$320 for Singapore Permanent Resident children.

MOE Kindergarten Care programme Monthly fees (2018)
Ranges from $325 to $375. There is no increase in fee during the school holidays.

How much are the school uniforms?

For 2017, the uniform costs $15 per set. The uniform can also be purchased separately at $7 for the polo t-shirt and $8 for the khaki shorts (for boys) and skorts (for girls). There is no other attire apart from the school uniform. Note that the price of the uniform may be subject to change in 2018.

Is there subsidies for the fees?

MOE Kindergarten
Singapore Citizen children are eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS) disbursed by the Early Childhood Development Agency. To be eligible for KiFAS, the family’s total gross household income should not exceed $6,000. For households with at least 5 family members, the gross monthly per capita income should not exceed $1500.

Kindergarten Care programme
Parents will receive subsidies similar to those received by parents who send their children to half day childcare programmes. Subsidies will be computed based on household income.

For children with special needs

Q: Is there support for children with special needs or learning difficulties?

A: MOE Kindergartens do not have the specialised manpower and dedicated resources to provide special educational support for children with significant needs that require intensive specialised support and therapy. If a child has been diagnosed with moderate or severe special needs/learning disabilities at a young age, he/she should enrol at the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) centres as he/she will need dedicated care and specialised support available there.

Their contact details

Phone: 6872 2220

Hope this quick summary gave you an idea of what MOE kindergarten is about.

If you have more details to add on, please feel to comment below or email me!

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