My kids watched: Wreck-it Ralph (Disney)

[By Big C]

This is another favourite film of Big E and she loves singing along to the song – Sugar rush! She asked for this show over and over again… at 4.5 years old…

I remember when this show was first released, I wanted to watch it very much – for myself. But I didn’t get the chance and I am Glad to catch up after so Long!


And we got to watch this over and over and over again… lol… even at 4.5yo… we get repeat request very often!

How did we started watching this?

We came across this while searching for new animations and I have always wanted to watch this!

Why do I like it for the kids?

It revolves around the two lead characters – Ralph and Vanellope  being ostracised and unwelcomed by their fellow game characters. Yet it covers different angle! One is due to his professional role – wrecker and the other faces the mean girls game.

These are great serious topics to talk to Big E about yet it is portrayed in a cuter and light hearted way.

It showed how Ralph overcome his own psychological obstacle about being the so called villain and how resilient and focussed Vanellope is in achieving her goal.

It’s also interesting to see that she being actually the princess, didn’t want to BE the princess and she bore no grudge against the mean girls!

So if these are the concepts of life that you want your preschoolers to understand or simply you want some entertainment for your tots, this would be a great choice!

We will definitely be looking forward to the sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 which is scheduled to release in November 2018! By then, both Big and Small E will definitely understand and enjoy the movie even more.

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