My kids watched: Oddbods

[By Big C]

Do you know that Oddbods is created by a Singapore company – One Animation?


Both Big E and Small E (and I) love to watch Oddbods!

How did we started watching this? 
By chance! We were watching Masha and the bear and this came along in one of the recommended videos.

Why do I like it for the kids? 

  • There is no real conversation and communication is very much through their body language and facial expression. So it is easy for them to understand! So it becomes engaging.
  • We can practise colour naming with Big E since they come in different but identifiable colour for her age.
  • Every character has a special trait and is displayed clearly through their behaviour and interaction with other characters. And Big E was able to identify some of those traits! To me, it is training her cognitive skills!
  • There are also teachable scenes!
  • The episodes are short, which allows us to steal time whenever we need to; and to stop the video when we need to.
  • It’s light-hearted with humour.

More about the characters (from Wikipedia):

  • Bubbles (the yellow one) – The Odd- Inventor, Bubbles loves to discover stuff. From insects under the earth to UFOs above and beyond. Like a bubbling experiment about to go kaboom, she is a ball of boundless energy, always on the hunt for the next big breakthrough
  • Fuse (the red one)  – Fiery Fuse can go from ultra calm to wildly furious faster than a truck in top speed. A sports fanatic whose always up for a game…so long as he wins. His friends love him because underneath that fiery exterior he has a heart of gold. But try their best to avoid him when he is in a bad mood.
  • Jeff (the purple one) – Unashamedly meticulous, Jeff has the ability to create order in everything. He’s got an eye for spotting the tiniest dust particle and an even better eye for good art. His friends love his attention to detail (he’ll never forget your birthday) but wish he was more spontaneous
  • Newt (the pink one) – Newt has got a sweet tooth and a weakness for candy. Maybe that’s why she is always so sweet to everyone around her…most of the time. An inquisitive girly. She’s the social butterfly with a passion for taking selfies. Her friends love her sweet nature but know to beware her pretty eyes when she’s trying to get her own way!
  • Pogo (the blue one)  – Pogo is allergic to rules. That’s why when he’s around you’ll never be bored. With laughter in his heart and a trick up his sleeve, he’s the ultimate prankster. His friends love his ability to turn anything into a practical joke …if only the joke wasn’t on them!
  • Slick (the orange one) – Slick believes YOLO, but suffers from chronic FOMO. He’s uber cool until he tries to be. He’s street wise, tech-smart, and grooves to every move like a true hipster. His friends actually find his social awkwardness adorable but question his dance moves.
  • Zee (the green one)  – Zee is not a morning person. Or an afternoon, evening or night person either. He can eat while napping. Or nap while eating. But most of all, Zee is amazing at doing nothing at all. His laidback attitude towards everything is both his strength and his weakness when it comes to friendship

Start watching it on their official Youtube channel and tell me which is your / your kids’ favourite character!

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