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HBL with KooBits for my Primary One’s Mathematics (Referral code for 15% off inside)

By Big C

Time flies and it has been a month since we started full HBL! It is both a relief and a headache when they announced that HBL will end on 4 May followed by school holidays!

Relief because then I can sleep in a little later to be just in time to start my work! Now I don’t need to wake up early to prep her for her HBL and having to track all her offline assignments and to be always there to help her with troubleshooting or understanding the questions.

Headache is then without the structured HBL work, what is she going to do everyday? Hmm.. play sounds great! Hahaha… but I am also quite sure that she is going to get bored sometimes and by end of the month, she probably has “returned” all her 1st semester’s knowledge to her teacher.

Then I found Koobits! It attracted me because they follow our Singapore syllabus (our school is using “My Pals are here” books) and it would show the detailed working steps! Best of all, I realise it is “gamified” which would work best for Big E!

Scroll below to check out some screen shots and examples! I have picked out the key elements to share!

Now you can enjoy 15% discount off your HBL plan! Simply sign up using this referral link:

*Note: I will also enjoy extension to my current plan as a referral reward.

Don’t the dashboard looks just like a game platform? Haha… feels like a break away from mundane studying!

Source: Koobit website – my account

Daily Challenge

There are 10 personalized questions per day. The personalized is basically referring to it following the pace of your child’s learning and progress. As what I observe, it is following the mission aka practice by topics. You can also set the difficulty in the setting. Big E is not confident so I started her with Elementary.

The questions will give them CP points which makes it fun and the questions have progressive difficulty.

Setting for Challenge level. You might want to try Elementary and change accordingly as your child progress.

Example of questions from Challenge
You will notice it states the topic the question is from! It is helpful for parents to note.

This is the most difficult question of the day’s challenge.


Next we look at mission, which is the practice questions by topics. It will help them practise and understand concept by concept. It was useful for me to observe and understand exactly which part Big E actually got confused!

For some questions, there are video tutorials too to help the child with the concept.

Brain Games

Next is probably our kids’ favourite part! Games!!
Koobits only open up this function from 8am to 6pm everyday and limited to 25min a day. This will help prevent kids from over playing. Also, they will need to utilise Koobits credit (free as you earn it from completing daily challenge and daily claim).

So now, if you are keen, click on the following link to sign up! You will enjoy 15% off your plan. AND not to worry as Koobits offer a 30-days money back guarantee! So if Koobits doesn’t suit your child’s learning, feel free to cancel within the 1st 30 days. But I think you will find it useful!

Steps to sign up:

First, click on this URL

Your 15% discount will apply on Standard or Premium plan. And they only have annual billing.

As long as you use this link, the referral code and discount will be auto applied.

Good luck with your child’s Mathematics journey! Hope it benefits you guys as much as it benefited us!

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