What working from home is like for a FTWM? (due to COVID-19)

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[By Big C]

It has been a long while since I found time to blog anything at all. And yup, I am now working from home FULL TIME till further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

So… this is supposed to be like a DREAM COME TRUE for all working mums right? When your kids are off to school or childcare and you imagine yourself managing house chores and work at the same time with some time to chill?


No more 1.5hr travelling!

This is like the best thing ever? Because it is 1.5h x 2 = 3h wasted every single day just on transport! So even though I get the flexibility of knocking off at 5pm, I will reach home like after 630pm and very often I leave office at 515pm and so I will end up reaching home near 7pm.

In the morning, I will book the bus pool which cost $6 / trip just to save myself some time and the stress of squeezing on the train. I board at 740am – 750am and I reach office only at 830am.

And now, that precious extra time in the morning is used to walk Big E to school and back to send Small E to childcare and stroll to coffeeshop for breakfast. I can then visit nearby NTUC to buy groceries or come home to iron some clothes!

Then I still start work before 9am!

Lunch time can also be used for running errands or catch up with BFF who stays nearby enough or bake some egg cakes for the kids or catch a quick nap!

Then I work through till 5plus pm and if I decide to cook dinner, I could put rice / soup to cook earlier while I continue to work. Now instead of stopping at 5pm, sometimes having to stop halfway through some brainstorming, I can work till 6pm!

Without travelling, time is on my side! So I can now have that little more time with my kids. I honestly think they seem happier these days!

No more Face to Face socialising!

I don’t know about you but I am the prefer-to-lunch-alone kind. So I am very happy to be alone and just communicating with colleague via emails and whatsapp. Now… nobody can spot me rolling my eyes! And I can curse out loud at ridiculous mistakes or demands!

No need to worry about hair or clothes too! Can add mask somemore while working.. hehe..

So basically… I CAN BE ME!!

No need to hide screen!!

Yeah… now I can multitask openly! Chatting on whatsapp (both work and personal)… doing a quick shopping on Qoo10… or doing quick research or dropping email to sch teachers..

No more social lunches and walking under the hot sun (without much choice)!!

While food choices can be boring around home vicinity, at least I have a choice to just grab an apple from the fridge or cooking noodles for lunch or just walking to nearest coffeeshop that is 5min away instead of walking in the hot sun for 15min for lunch.

No more unnecessary germs!!

Yeah… while there are posters everywhere reminding us to stay home / wear masks if we are not feeling well… and these posters were up since like forever… we are always hearing coughing and sniffing sounds in the office..

So whether COVID or not, we were very much exposed to all kinds of germs! Made worse with hotdesking…

The NAY!!

Working NON STOP!

Yes! As a “ex”-workaholic, I tend to sit through work all the way. Yes, I did say I would steal time to do this and that but the TRUTH IS, when work mode is on, I would just sit there for hours. Only to realise at the end, I haven’t had my lunch, I haven’t taken any water, I haven’t peed!

So I really need to remind myself and discipline myself to keep to a more appropriate working routine!

Lack of movement!

Now that you can choose to lunch at home, there is really not much of a reason to walk under the hot sun to anywhere else! So while I walk alot at home, trying to do some chores in between, I do feel that I am not getting enough movements!!

In addition to workaholic syndrome, I am like camping here the whole day!

Distractions from chores, kitchen, Netflix and the bed….

Haha so contradicting I know! On one hand, I can camp here throughout the day, but on days that are slightly lax or when I am brain dead, every other thing at home seems to be calling out to me!!

When Kingdom Season 2 finally arrives….

When a power nap seems so tempting…

When baking a cake sounds like a good idea…


Expectation from the hubby and kids

So well, everyone has some kind of imagination of what you do the whole day right? No one seem to see me furiously typing the whole day! So they expect magic to happen like basic chores done or dinner cooked and washed up or okay even special chores done…

I have to always tell the hubby.. “I AM STILL WORKING.. JUST THAT I AM PHYSICALLY AT HOME!!” It can get on my nerves you know…

Your colleagues go M.I.A!!

I think this is like the worst thing that can happen! When your colleague simply go missing in action and not responding on email nor whatsapp nor call even!

You cannot pop over at their workstation and remind them of deadlines!

You can only wait and wait… I even suspect some flew back to their hometown or go for vacation since we were activated for “work from home” because of the consistent delayed active hours of response!!

I mean well, regardless of where you are working, timely response or any form of response is deeply appreciated!!

Are you also working from home? Or you are hoping so much to work from home? Share your thoughts! Feel free to drop me email at or FB msg us


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