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Sentosa Fun Pass – Free 10 tokens everyday till 14 April 2020 for Singaporeans / PR / work pass holders

Image: My own passes!

Disclaimer: Just to share what I found out and my experience. Do exercise your own judgement and prevailing situation before deciding if you should visit Sentosa or any places that may have crowd.

So we came across these Sentosa Stay & Play promotion that offers complimentary tokens to Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents and Singapore work pass holders! It felt like an attempt to keep everyone within the country as much as possible especially during the school holidays. As we all know, these are the times where parents love to fly out to have a break with the little ones.

After our visit, then hahaha… okay, maybe more of an attempt to bring some human beings to the ulu corners due to the upgrading works that are blocking out paths.

Alright! So let’s talk about what this Fun pass is all about.

What do you get?
Free 10 tokens x 2 per person every single day! So you can visit Sentosa daily and redeem fresh 10 tokens x 2 set everytime! It is supposed to be 10 per adult but to cater for those with children, each adult can redeem up to 20 tokens now.
Ours was issued 1 adult x 10 tokens and 1 child x 10 tokens each.

Who is eligible?
Singapore citizens, Singapore permanent residents and Singapore work pass holders.  

What can the tokens be used for?
Redeem activities! Refer to this link or below screen shot

Source: Sentosa website

How do you redeem the tokens?

Go to this website and enter your details.
You will receive an email after submission.

Go to the ticketing counter which are located at the Sentosa stations. We redeemed ours at Resort Worlds station but you can do so at Imbiah Look out / Beach station as well.

Just click on the link provided and you can tap REDEEM. You will then go to the screen that says USE. Hand your phone to the staff and they will process the redemption and print out the hard copy tickets (as seen in image at the top!).

*While they didn’t ask for our IDs, do be prepared that they might ask for it!
For more information, refer to the FAQs:

Which activity did we go for?

We went to the 4D adventureland: Desperados! It is actually a 4D shooting game in cowboy setting. It lasts about 10min only.


First, you will need to go to ticketing counter with your Fun Pass. We actually walked to the ride station first and had to walk back!

The ticketing counter will issue you a wrist band each and rightfully you are also entitled to a free Cornetto ice cream! By the time we reached there at 6plus pm, there was no more ice cream left. I thought they would just tell me it is first come first serve but instead they say so we will get 2 bottles of drinks instead! Woah, that is a good deal to us! But we had to lug 10 bottles of drinks home.

After you get all that, you need to walk to the back where the entrance to the different rides / shows are. The staff will scan your wrist band and make a mark with a marker.

Then you can pick up a pair of 3D glasses and then mount of the horse saddle kind of seat. The seats will move in galloping motion during the game while you are shooting away with the attached pistol!

Only the seat will move while the main floor is stationary. This is important to me because I had to hold on to Small E as he is only 1m tall and it was difficult for him to hold himself in place while holding the gun. And not to forget adjusting the oversized 3D Glasses!

But I was glad that they didnt stop him from playing!

On the other hand, Big E could do it independently! Daddy was top scorer for the game at 1115 pts while Big E and Small E both scored around 250-260 pts. I think Small C also scored around that!

Was it worthwhile?

Alright, to be very honest, I really don’t think anyone should visit Sentosa just to redeem this one 10min activity? I mean, given all the possible extra costs from F&Bs and transport.

For us, it was alright since we were actually at USS which closes at 5pm now, so we had enough time to pop over. BUT BUT! with all the upgrading works, the direct route from Imbiah Outlook station to Madame Tussaud’s right up to Imbiah Outlook itself was closed! So we had to take another trail which was quite tiring. But if you are taking the cable car, then it stops right there!

We ended up taking Grab after the game back home because we really dread walking all the way back to the monorail station!

So this works more like a bonus activity for whatever you have planned in Sentosa!

*This post is not sponsored. Just pure sharing! =)


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