Planning for a Trip [ Part 3]: Online Money Changer [Thin Margin]



[By Small C]


You may sign up for your account using the referral link  to receive S$5 off for their first currency order, while for existing users who have not placed any orders will receive S$5 off for their first currency order. (FYI, any successful order, I will also be receiving $5 off for my next order.) 

Changing of currencies can be a hassle sometimes, where you need to compare a few different money changers for the best rates and some popular money changers with good rates are always having long queue and they might be located near you at all.

Especially when you are working in industrial districts where money changer is totally out of reach (who will open a money changer in industrial park, right?) and given that my office is pretty busy and lack of manpower, applying annual leave just for the sake of changing currencies is way out of question.

What about after work?

Normally, after the forex trading hours, rates would not be as good as in the day.

So, somewhere in January 2018, Thin Margin, an online money changer was launched. Yes, ONLINE money changer! And they are the first online money changer in Singapore. (You can read more about them: )

You will have to sign up an account for free with Thin Margin before you can actually buy the foreign currencies. You will also have to sign up the account with your true identity and particulars. This is to ensure that all transactions with Thin Margin are real and nothing illegal and also for them to deliver the money to you. (You can find out more by reading their FAQ.)

So for my recent Seoul trip, as it was so near the Chinese New Year period and given that my office was quite busy, I decided to give Thin Margin a try. Since, I really had no time to go to the Arcade to change my money.

The rate that I have gotten, I think is quite high, 1 SGD = 826.5 KRW. And given that there is a minimum amount per transaction of S$800.00, so I decided to just change for S$800.00. Oh, and they are currently still having a promotion of S$2 OFF per transaction. However, to get free delivery, you have at least transact S$2000.00 or more, otherwise a delivery fee of S$3 will be chargeable.

Okay, the whole process was quite fast and easy. And you can select the date & timing you wish your currencies to be delivered to you. So, yup! after everything is done, transaction complete, all you have to do is wait patiently for the money to be delivered to you.

You will receive a text from Thin Margin a day before the delivery and on the day itself. And don’t forget to have your identification card with you for verification purpose. Please also note that for the very first transaction, you have to receive the money personally as they need to verify your particulars that are given to them upon signing up an account with them. From the second transaction onward, you can have your family members to receive on your behalf.

So, here’s my receipt of the transaction I did with them and also the texts I received from them.



I guess, many might still have that idea that it might not be safe to do money change online and have the money delivered to you. But, after reading and going through their website, I am quite confident that they are as reliable as those physical money changers that you can find anywhere in Singapore. And also, the rate you can get from them is definitely reasonable and sometimes might be equivalent to those famous money changers out there.

Well, in my opinion, this is definitely awesome and ideal for people who have no time to source for rates or to queue at money changers and also for people who do not have any nearby money changers around them.

The only downside is that you have to change S$800.00 or more per transaction. So, if I am going for some short trips, I might still need to go queue up at the money changers to get my currencies exchanged.

I would definitely do my money exchange with Thin Margin again if I need to change currencies for my overseas trip. As, it is really convenient, fast and easy.

***UPDATE: 28/02/2018***thin_margin_4

I just received EDM from Thin Margin! Previously, I mentioned that there is a minimum order amount of S$800.00 per transaction which can be a little bit too much for people going on very short trips.

Good news!! Thin Margin actually lowered the minimum order amount to S$600.00!! Although, it might still be a little too much, better than nothing, right?! Oh! And there are new foreign currencies, GBP and NZD added for you and me to exchange for your trips. 

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor any partnership post with any parties mentioned above. This is just a sharing of my experience and I find that it is a good option for those who might have problem going to physical money changer to change currencies.

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