Planning for a Trip (Part 3) – Travel like a “Local” tourist

[By Small C]

It is another post for the Travel Series: Planning for a Trip. Continuing from my previous post Planning for a Trip (Part 2) – Itinerary Planner, I love to travel around to different countries. But, I am someone who is shy to approach people to ask for direction.

So, I always try my best to plan my travel well and get navigation using google maps, WIFI is definitely essential for my travel. There are a few options for Singaporean travellers to get connected on their travel.

First option is to get Auto-roaming service with their respective Singapore Telco, where you do not need to change your sim-card or change your contact number.

  1. SingTel ReadyRoam
  2. Roam with StarHub Mobile
  3. M1 Data Passport

Second option is to get tourist sim-card from the country you are visiting. This is one of the popular choice that many travellers will opt for. And I did opted for this choice whenever I travel to Taiwan.

Third option is to rent pocket wifi, where you can easily stay connected with your love ones without paying for expensive auto-roaming charges with your telco and yet you do not need change your mobile number at all. And the rental of such pocket wifi is cheaper than auto-roaming. Furthermore, if you are travelling with a group of friends, you can just rent one pocket wifi and shared connection up to 5 devices, good right?!  

  1. Changi Wifi
  2. Y5Buddy

How do I stay connected?

I have tried all the above option before. But in my opinion, I still prefer getting overseas tourist sim card. Reason being, there is data limit for auto-roaming services from our local telco and sometimes it might be cheaper to get a tourist sim card. And getting a tourist sim card, I do not need to bring another device just to stay connected.

So, tourist sim card is definitely my best option to stay connected in overseas. There is a problem with tourist sim card which is you have to buy it on your arrival at the airport of your destination and sometimes your flight arrival time might be too early or too late that the booth selling tourist sim card is not open. And this was what I faced during my first trip to Taiwan back in 2015 and I wasted nearly 2-3 hours at the airport waiting for the counters to open as we need to wifi to start our travel in Taiwan.

Then, in this year March, as I was planning for my Taiwan trip, I chanced upon a website where I can get most of my travel essential for my trip. I managed to get my tourist sim card within minutes and I’m off to start my travel. And that is KLOOK!

KLOOK offers a simple way to discover activities, attractions and things to do wherever you travel.

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You will be able to purchase a lot of travel essentials from Klook, from Attraction to Sightseeing and even Transport & Wifi.


As I am a person who like to make full use of my holidays and every minutes and seconds count, hence, I would prefer to book everything beforehand. But, when you  booked everything beforehand, you have to make sure you are on time. With Klook, you are able to book everything at ease and given that some of the tickets are like vouchers or coupons, you can just present at the ticketing counter to purchase your actual ticket for travel or sightseeing. Therefore, you do not have to worry about missing your train or missing the time frame for you to visit the attractions.

I would recommend Klook if you are person who want hassle-free and easy travel. And also, the activities that Klook provides are at an affordable price which is great for backpackers or travellers who are on budget.

So, if you are planning to travel, you can consider trying out Klook. It might improve your travel experience.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor partnership with any parties. As, I had used some of the services and I find that it is really useful and money-saving, so I decided to share and hope everyone benefits from these useful services for a better travel experience.

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