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My LOVE-HATE relationship with Cosmetics

[By Small C] As for now, I believe many of you know how much I love about skincare and cosmetics. I have about 1 full A4-size box drawer filled with foundations and another half A4 column drawer filled with lipsticks and another A4 size box drawer filled with primer, concealer, blusher, eyeshadow palette and eyeliner & eyebrow pencil.

Cannot imagine?! 



Yup, I have so many cosmetics but I always have that “I must go to” group of cosmetics, which I will do a separate post about it soon. I love cosmetics a lot, due to my sensitive skin condition, there are some products that I happily purchased to try but end up causing a problematic breakouts and yet, I still keep them in my collection hoping that I can use them without any problem later on.

Cosmetics don’t cause breakouts. But improper cleansing or removing of make up cause breakouts.

I guess, many of us heard this statement before. Yes, there are cosmetics that don’t cause breakouts and improper cleanse definitely will cause breakouts. But there are products that will have immediate reaction right after application on my face. Especially, those with alcohol content or overly rich moisturizing ones.

The more you aim for to look flawless, the worse you look.

Given of the redness, pimples and pigmentation, I have to do some make up to make myself confident and look flawless. But, the more make up you slam on your skin, the worst your skin get.

Make up or not?

Ever since I started doing my make up, I am stuck in such a way that I cannot live without make up. I have to make sure I wear my make up for work, outing or friends’ gatherings. I realised I am not confident to show my bare face anymore. And this is becoming a super unhealthy relationship between me and cosmetics.

And I find myself buying so many cosmetics to a point that I cannot finish them at all. So, I end up selling them at lower price just not to put them into waste.

I am slowly changing such habit. I try not to do any make up on weekends and for the days I need to wear make up, I try to wear tinted sunscreen instead of foundation. And as I find out about CosRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion, I rarely have massive breakouts.

I am still trying to reduce the number of days I wear my make up and hoping that one day, I can revert my lifestyle back to the older days where I don’t do any make up and I can feel confident with my bare face.

For now, I shall try my best to stop buying anymore cosmetics and try to finish whatever I have.

I hope I can build a healthy relationship with cosmetics and stop relying on them to make myself feel comfortable with the world. I believe many of us are fighting in such dilemma whether to go out with the un-flawless bare face or to go out with a flawless foundation-ed face. Whatever it is, let’s us work towards our own goal and healthy skin~

For those who wish to share your own cosmetics story with me, you can either drop an email to or your comment in the comment box below.

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