Police Heritage Centre Tour – Children’s Season 2019

[By Big C]

The Children’s Season tours at the Police Heritage Centre is from 1 to 28 June! Register via email to

Source: Singapore Police Force Facebook page

This is highly recommended for older kids as they can understand the content better but I am sure the younger ones will enjoy too, like mine!

Registration process

I saw this post on Facebook and immediately email to book an appointment. I left my family’s details and waited. After a few days, I decided to write in to ask again if my registration has been successful. A day later, I received a reply containing information and FAQs of the tour and a word doc form that I need to fill in and submit.

After submission, I did not receive any confirmation till the day before my selected date. I actually made rain check plans just in case my registration didn’t go through.

The registration process is a tad manual and loads of uncertainty and you can see similar grumbles on their Facebook post too. Hopefully they will be able to improve on that soon as it is really definitely a worthwhile tour to go for.

Getting there

Daddy drove us and drop us off there so I cannot advise on parking. But I think you could park at Square 2 (Novena) or RenCi hospital. The location is opposite RenCi hospital and 5min walk from Square 2. It will be convenient too if you are taking the train.

Look for GATE B which is facing RenCi and go to the side gate. There will be police officers looking out and they will likely point you to the right direction. We also noticed other families arriving at the same time. Otherwise, there is no special sign that indicates this is the venue for the Heritage Centre tour.

Once you reach the side gate, they will unlock it electronically. You will just need to push to get in. Then walk towards the building where they have counter.

Security process

You will be required to exchange your photo ID for a visitor pass. Children aged below 7 will not require any identification but those aged 7 and above will be required to use their photo EZ Link card as identification.

After exchanging for the pass, you will need to go through bag check and scan like those at immigration. Simple and fast process.

Walking from guardhouse to the Heritage Centre

After the bag check, you will need to walk to the Heritage Centre. Do note that there is no shelter along the way so do bring along your umbrellas / ponchos! There are also no directional signs nor officer leading the way. But we managed to find out way following the signs that say “pedestrians this way”.

You will reach a building – Ministry of Home Affairs and you will also see a sign that indicates left to Tower M and right to Tower P. Enter through the glass door on the right and turn right. Walk in and you will see a vintage police car on display! That will be the assembly point.

Extra notes:
There is a toilet on this floor.
You will need to climb the stairs to reach the 1st part of the tour.

Taken at Police Heritage Centre

The Tour – Part 1

We climbed up the stairs and came to see this statue. We also have a real police officer as our tour guide. I later learnt that on usual days, the visitors will have a tour guide, and only during this Children Season, a real police officer is assigned to be the guide! So yeah, it is kind of more convincing to hear it from the officer himself!

As I am taking care of two cheeky fellows, I couldn’t take much photos!

The highlight here is definitely wearing the police uniform (which is basically just a top). It comes with velcro closing, making it easy to put on and take off for the kids.

They have various sizes but might to wait abit if a particular size “runs out”.

Taken at Police Heritage Centre
Taken at Police Heritage Centre
Kid sized Police uniform!

The Tour – Part 2

Part 2 is actually pretty fun, even to me. I wish I have more time and flexibility to really look through every exhibit but well, with the 2 fellows, it is good enough that they are enjoying!

We came back down to Level 1 and walked in another room. It was really like memory lane and along the way, the officer will highlight the exhibits and throw some questions to the kids to get them engaged. He then shared facts and how things have changed through time. I thought it was very well done!

Some highlights were:
1. Listening to the recordings of 999 calls using the old school dial phones. There are 3 phones and the kids were asked to queue up and take turns. Apparently adult supervision is required as there may be cases of cutting queues or hogging for too long.

2. Holding the paper replica of the riot shield which everyone naturally think looks like Captain America’s shield. Haha but it actually stands for Alpha team. These shields need to be returned after photo taking but not to worry because at the end of tour, we were also given our own replica to bring home! (and other souvenirs! Scroll down…)

3. Trying the police coast guard police boat simulator. Okay, actually none of us really know how to work it. Haha. The officer guide picked a kid to try out and of course every kid wants to have a try. We were given 15 to 20 min of free and easy time around where the kids can then queue up for a try. Actually the distance between the chair and the steering wheel is quite far so it is a big stretch even for the older kids. So most of them had to just stand and just play with the steering wheel. There are also buttons on the right panel where it changes the screen view so it can work like a simulator. A little chaotic with all the excited kids though. Most of us could only manage a photo and had to move on so others can have a try.

Listening to recordings of 999 calls
The popular coast police guard boat simulator!
Posing with the shield, barb wire and debris of the riot
Showcase of weapons. All are the real deal except ONE!
I am just amused with this set up! Guide didn’t go through this part since it’s kids’ tour.

The “Take Aways” aka Souvenirs!

I was pretty surprised to know that we actually get souvenirs for the kids! The 1st thing they said was they trust that we will only take one each. Do take care of your kids – especially the younger ones because there might be some pushing. BUT there is definitely one for every kid.

There are story books, magnets, stickers, key chain, craft cards, the riot shield replica (the black rod looking thing is actually the handle for the shield which I have yet to assemble) and the DIE-CAST tactical vehicle (ang-chia)!

At the end of tour, of course there are also merchandise for sale! There are all kinds of replicas, die-cast vehicles and LEGO figurines! The LEGO figurines were popular and are selling at $39.90 (UP $49.90). We bought a polo tee for Big E too!

The cute polo tee!

If you are interested

The programme is held every Tuesday to Saturday from 1 to 28 June 2019 at the following timings (closed on eve & public holidays):

Weekdays: 10.00 am, 1.30 pm & 3.30 pm
Saturdays: 10.00 am

To register for Children’s Season tours, please contact our PHC Visit Management Officer at 6478 2123 during office hours (9.00 am to 5.00 pm), or email 

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