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IUD (Copper) is NOT for me…

[By Big C]

So… after 8 months and a (OMG) 8kg uncontrollable weight gain, I decided that was it! I am removing this IUD! I couldn’t share with the doctor about all these symptoms because they just tell me copper IUD does not cause all these problems…


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The GOOD of IUD Copper
1. Enjoying sex without any worries!
2. Cramps were better than pre-IUD!
3. No particular worries about the side effects that hormonal methods such as mirena / pill would bring

The BAD of IUD Copper (FOR ME)
1. Horrendous menstrual flow on the 1st 2 days that require me to change sanitary pads every 45min, even with menstrual cup, I needed to empty the cup every 1.5hrs. Subsequent days were more manageable.

2. Pre-cramps start earlier than pre-IUD days. Though actual days cramps were more manageable, it starts earlier so more days of mild discomfort.

3. Extreme fatigue especially during flow days. Even before and after flow, I am constantly in extreme tired mode which started to irritate my hubby!

4. Mood swings, or rather low moods, rage and depression were just threatening to be back! My PMDD seems to be aggravated.

5. I do worry if the IUD is still in its correct position and I usually can only feel the string during flow days. Otherwise, I cannot feel it at all.

6. I put on 8kg over the 8months! Which is ridiculous because I did not have much change in my lifestyle nor diet. In fact I even went to gym for some walking during the 1st few months. But the weight just keeps on coming! And I look (legit) pregnant! So legit that I have gotten congrats messages and loads of seat offers on the train…

So… back to the polyclinic for removal!

For insertion and removal, it is always recommended to do so during flow days as it will be easier with the cervix opened. So I wrote to NHG Polyclinic to request for appointment and a few days, call centre called to verify and confirmed that I would like to have the IUD removal at Hougang Polyclinic.

I then have to wait for Hougang polyclinic’s nurses to call me back after they arrange the appointment. Finally the date and time all set. To be honest, I was quite anxious because I don’t know if removal would be less uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, the doctor says she cannot find the thread! She asked fellow doctor to check and both couldn’t see the thread. Doctor 1 asked for permission to touch and feel for it. I agreed but no, she couldn’t feel it!

Then they ordered for X-ray to confirm that the IUD is still in the body. The X-ray process was fast but waiting for the report and for doctor to call for me took 45min (which I was advised by the radiographer).

It seems like the IUD is displaced (according to the doctor) and I have to be referred to KKH. I was actually quite freaking out because I don’t know does that mean it may poke into my uterus or pose any form of danger. BUT I choose to believe that if they give me an appointment that is about 3 – 4 weeks later, it should be safe enough!

Then I waited. I even travelled to Taiwan for my girls’ trip with my sis and daughter. The day finally arrived and I just hoped that the removal would not require surgery or whatever invasive methods!!

It took the KKH doc 2 seconds to get the IUD out!!

The doctor took a look and say okay, it is there! I can see it. Do you want to remove it now? Err.. you came because you wanted it out right? So confirmed?

I said yes and even before I end my “s” sound, she said, okay! it’s out!

She then showed me the IUD in her tongs before she dumped it in the bin.

Wow, okay and for that, I had to pay way more because this is a specialist treatment and though classify as non-surgical procedure. I am abit upset with the incompetence of the polyclinic doctor for wasting my time and money! But I am also glad that it has been removed by a specialist.

Doctor also gave me “Ella” aka emergency contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy arising from unprotected intercourse prior to the removal of IUD. Otherwise, I will need to wait for at least 5 days after the last unprotected intercourse.

After removal, I had mild cramps for a few days, similar to when I first insert it.

What about all the BADs of it?

  1. I dont feel as tired as before. Less uncontrollable!
  2. Mood swings, rage and all were also reduced. Like I could feel the difference!
  3. Flow is less than IUD days but still heavy which is expected since IUD has just been removed only
  4. Cramps are back with a vengence! I had to go back to my painkillers!
  5. Weight has come down a little (and of course it didnt climb further!!) even though i didnt change any lifestyle or diet still.

While I have to observe for the next few months, I think this should be a good decision! And thankfully this only cost me $70, so removing it prematurely was an easy decision. I probably wouldn’t say the same for Mirena which would cost $300-$400. =P

Disclaimer: Copper IUD is NOT supposed to cause all the symptoms I mentioned above except possible heavier flow and more intense cramps but I guess it differs person to person. All observations are based on my own body and experience. I cannot say for sure it will happen to you. Good luck with your IUD ~

If you would like to ask me questions or know more about the procedure, feel free to contact me at thechuasisters@gmail.com or on our Facebook page.

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