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IUD (Copper) is NOT for me…

[By Big C] So... after 8 months and a (OMG) 8kg uncontrollable weight gain, I decided that was it! I am removing this IUD! I couldn't share with the doctor about all these symptoms because they just tell me copper IUD does not cause all these problems... Read here about how I got my IUD… Continue reading IUD (Copper) is NOT for me…

Feminine issues

Period: Pads VS Tampons VS Menstrual Cup

[By Big C] YES! I am a new menstrual cup convert! I used to wonder when converts say "there is no going back" and NOW, I am telling all my friends... really.. there is NO going back... Bear with my long story before I answer your burning questions!!  I have always been a traditional sanitary… Continue reading Period: Pads VS Tampons VS Menstrual Cup

Feminine issues

My first period after IUD (copper)

[By Big C] WARNING: Some cringeworthy TMI here. Read about my IUCD aka IUD (copper) insertion here. So I had it inserted on 12 July and I just had my first period after the insertion. IUD - the copper aka non-hormonal kind is expected to cause heavier menstrual flow and more intense cramps; while IUD… Continue reading My first period after IUD (copper)