Feminine issues

Period: Pads VS Tampons VS Menstrual Cup

[By Big C] YES! I am a new menstrual cup convert! I used to wonder when converts say "there is no going back" and NOW, I am telling all my friends... really.. there is NO going back... Bear with my long story before I answer your burning questions!!  I have always been a traditional sanitary… Continue reading Period: Pads VS Tampons VS Menstrual Cup


Freebies & Samples for Oct/Nov 2017

[By Small C] I love collecting samples for a few good reasons: To try new products before buying retail size To bring them for travel use To reduce products wastage I love trying new products and as such, I cannot afford buying them just to try them out. And by trying samples, I can test… Continue reading Freebies & Samples for Oct/Nov 2017