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Switching to Senoko Energy too? (Referral code inside!)

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[EDIT!] It is now $30 rebate instead of $20!
Please email us to get the referral link to enjoy the $30 rebate off your bill. Or use this link or enter referral code VZ3RB3NK

Do note that I will enjoy $30 rebate too so thank you in advance!

*And don’t forget you will need to enter credit card respective promo code to enjoy the bank rebate too!

Source: Senoko website (6 August 2019)

I stay in the 53 zone so I had the privilege of switching to the open electricity market (OEM) early in Jan 2019. Before this, I had been seeing many people sharing their referral codes from Ohm – a company that I am not that familiar with. BUT the $20 rebate is tempting!

I tried to do my research on this website and I would recommend you to do so too to better understand the whole process, the different companies and your consumption.


It would be good to check your current bill for your average monthly electricity consumption (kwh) first! Because the website will ask for this information together with your residential type. It is an optional field but I find it very useful in helping me relate my current bill VS my potential new bill.


Reason why I chose Senoko Energy

  1. It was the only name that I am somewhat familiar with and at lower cost during the time of my research. And they are also a power generation company so I feel more assured. I was worried about going for cheaper but names that are new for fear they might get out of business along the way and that means paper work trouble for me.
  2. It has recurring payment rebates with OCBC which works for me as I consolidate my stuff on OCBC 365 card.
  3. It has an app which allows me to track everything easily, and meter reading is still under SP group which means if I prefer to submit actual readings, I can do so for water, gas and electricity still all under SP group app.
  4. It also has the refer and earn rebate programme.
  5. They don’t require any security deposit.

My experience so far with Senoko Energy

Okay, to be honest, there isn’t anything much to experience? haha

I got a referral link from my friend (if you would like to have yours, please email us and followed the steps to sign up.

Choose your preferred plan. (I got the 24 months as I really don’t want to think / worry about this so soon plus it has a better rate.)

Do note that you will need front and back copy of your NRIC and your SP group account number in order to complete the sign up. And oh yes, your recurring payment credit card.

Source: Senoko Website (6 August 2019)

As with all electricity retailers, there is no need disruption to the service and there is no need for a change in meter. I receive all documents in my email and there is nothing else left to do except wait for bill updates in the app and email.

Impact of separate billing from SP group

  1. Payment wise, it was minimal impact as both my bills are running on recurring with credit cards.
  2. Monitoring of total expense. This portion tends to be a little more tricky since I will need to kind of add up the bills but then our consumption has always been relatively the same and for sure, electricity has great savings already so not really an issue for us.
  3. U-save rebate. This continues to be directly applied to SP bill and the balance credit will be carried forward to following month till it is used up completely. On the other hand, your electricity bill will remain in full every month. So basically you still enjoy the full rebate, just over a longer period of time and for water + gas.
  4. The transition after online sign up was efficient and smooth. I heard that there are people who waited 2 months after their online sign up with another company and some had a shock with their 1st bill. So far, mine, my parents and in law’s experience are good, 1st bill comes a few days after the supposedly set bill cycle but all in good order.

So if Senoko Energy is your choice…

Email us at to send you the referral link directly to enjoy the $30 rebate off your bill!

*And don’t forget you will need to enter credit card respective promo code to enjoy the bank rebate too!

Or use this link …

or enter referral code VZ3RB3NK

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