Hair mask for busy mums

[By Big C]

Mums have no time! No time to even pee, poo or shower in peace… who has the time to even maintain THAT hair?! *roll eyes at hubby who occasionally asked “what’s up with the hair?”*

Right… looking at the mirror… how do I convince people that I am an email marketing expert when I look like I am still in confinement? (Read: Super under maintained because every second and every energy went to baby) Hahaha…

So began the pursuit for THAT hair conditioner or hair mask that can (1) make my hair manageable (2) make me look just a little more well-kempt.

I had tried so many different shampoo (to combat prolonged postnatal hair loss) and conditioner (to look healthy and active) that my hubby says he will just live on my leftovers… and it will last him a lifetime (maybe more…)

So one day, I came across this Facebook post featuring Taiwan hair guru – 吴依霖 and the new Tsubaki hair mask!

Tsubaki hair mask 1
Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask – effective even if you washed it off immediately after applying!

First of all, it is made in Japan! I am sold for anything and everything made in Japan! And it claims to have ZERO WAITING TIME for salon-standard effects! That means I can simply rinse it off the moment I hear “Mummy!!! Are you done??”

I think the maximum I could do with my other hair masks were like 1-2min? Okay, to be fair, I am also not used to waiting around.

So yes! Zero waiting time is perfect for me and all busy mums!

Tsubaki hair mask 2
Its texture is like light gel cream. A little goes a long way!

It contains pearl protein and amino acids for repairing damaged hair, royal jelly and glycerine for hydration, and a higher concentration of the brand’s signature camellia oil compared to their conditioners and treatments for adding luster and repair.

Tsubaki hair mask 3
It’s imported from Taiwan by the Qoo10 seller.

It is recommended to be used 1-2 times weekly and the amount required is actually quite little! So this 180g tub @ less than S$20 (Qoo10 price) is going to be great value for your (and my) money!

I searched every Watsons store that I passed by but no sight of it! And I searched Qoo10 for weeks before I found this seller! Needless to say, I cart it immediately!

I have used it twice now and I really love it! My hair combs out so easy and smooth; and it’s so manageable with a good shape on the next day! Less frizzy like before and it doesn’t weigh down at all. Some other conditioners I tried actually weigh my limpy hair down further and even makes it feel oily by mid day.

So I strongly recommend this if you need a quick fix!

You can buy it here from:

Qoo10-CoolDeal @ S$18.90 + S$3.50 registered post

Lazada  @ S$22.90 + Free economy shipping / S$2.99 standard shipping

Comment or drop me an email to share your experience!

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