Planning for a trip (Part 1)

[By Small C] After my 2nd year of working, I started setting travel goal for myself: To visit a NEW country yearly. I like to travel to different country to experience different cultures.

So far, I visited Phuket(Thailand), Bangkok (Thailand), Penang (Malaysia), TaiChung & Taipei (Taiwan), Hong Kong and UK.

I am going to…

Next year, I am visiting Seoul (South Korea)!!! And, yup! I am currently in the midst of planning my trip. So, I shall share  about my planning

Deciding travel date…

I usually travel during,

  1. Long Weekends
  2. Off-peak period of my company or
  3. Weather of the country I am visiting

For my upcoming trip, I decided to travel during CNY holidays as the company will be less busy during this period and usually we only resume operation on the 6th of 7th day of CNY. My original plan was to travel alone and during post-CNY holiday. But, somehow, my friend cum colleague decided to tag along, the dates of travel need to be re-adjusted. After a long headache moments, we managed to travel together.. 18th Feb to 21st Feb 2018. (Continue reading… You will find out how we finalise to this date)

Deciding airlines…

This is another main factor that will affect my decision on the dates to travel. And I always decide which airlines to fly based on:

  1. Destination
  2. Duration of flights
  3. Departure & Arrival timing (to & fro)
  4. Promotions

For my Seoul trip, the airlines available are quite limited. Given that the duration of flight is 6hours at least, and I am planning to fly mid-night flight, hence budget airline is out.

The choice of airlines are SIA, Korean Air and Asiana Airline. Given that I missed the SIA anniversary sales, I only left with the other two airlines to choose from. As mentioned earlier, my friend wanted to tag along, hence we need to change the travel date from 20th-26th Feb to 18th – 21st Feb, in order not to affect company’s operation. And we managed to get our airticket with Asiana Airline at $601 per pax. And it was the last two seats at this promotional price. Phew!! *Faster fingers first*

Deciding of accomodation

With the rising of Airbnb, obviously that was our initial choice when comes to accomodation. But after consideration of the following factors,

  1. Price
  2. Accessibility

we decided to book Hotel Skypark 3 @ Myeondong instead of an Airbnb. As the travel period is during their winter season, hence, staying at Hotel Skypark 3 can save us from walking in cold to get to the Metro station. The price is quite reasonable and is about $20-$30 more than staying in Airbnb.

And since we have settled the air tickets, travel date and accomodation, we can finally start planning our itinerary…

Stay tuned for the next post..

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