Don’t be THAT mum

[By Big C]

It’s a constant wish … TO BE THE PERFECT MUM as well as a constant reminder … DON’T BE THAT MUM!

There are so many mum stereotypes that stress us out. Before we take every step, we start to wonder how would people see us… as a mum.

Would we be classified as a Tiger mum? Panda mum? Instagram mum? Helicopter mum? Career mum? Have-it-all mum?

So who that THAT mum that I don’t want to be the most?

 i-am-so-worried-that-my-child-is-gonna-be-hurt mum.

Yes. People who know me and my parenting style would know that I am a pretty bochup mum. I am generally quite chillax about everything and I advocate follow my children’s cue. I did not cry when my kids get their vaccination jabs. I did not panic when Big E wheezed and needed nebulizer. I managed to keep calm when Small E puked so much and had to be on drip from dehydration at 7 months old. I am chilled when the docs were worried about them not speaking enough words yet.

BUT… I go hysterical when my kids start running around! My mind and heart go wild whenever they start to run or climb the stairs or up the bed. I cannot contain myself and I will start screaming at them to get down, slow down and stop whatever they are doing.

I wish I could let them run freely and enjoy what I did when I was young! But I just couldn’t stay calm and let go. I just have a constant worry of what if they fall? What if they knock their teeth? What if they scrap their knees? What if they break an arm? No matter how mild an injury I imagine, I just couldn’t stay nonchalant.

I remember I felt like my lifespan shortened by ten years after crossing an overhead bridge. I was constantly nagging at Big E and raising my voice at her. I tried to stay calm and have some faith in her motor skills but everytime I have this thought in my mind, she would just slip a little or something. I will just go back to my hysterical mode.

I do agree that I need to let go at some point to let kids be kids. Just that the thought of a possible accident is too much for me to handle. Le hubby often says that I am hindering the kids’ growth and development. He even said that the kids’ legs are not strong because I didn’t allow them to work out sufficiently.

Wait.. before everyone thinks that I am a over-protective mother. I am definitely not! Big E’s legs are always full of bruises. I don’t get heart broken from those bruises though yes I do feel some heart aches. But I know those are part and parcel of growing up and being an active kid!

I don’t know how long will I take to overcome this barrier. Do you have any advice for me? Comment or drop me an email to share!

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