C-section is not birth?

[By Big C]

A photographer refused to offer birth photography service to a Mum who will be going through a C-section. Read the story here.

And I call it bullshit and rude!

Here is their conversation.

I don’t know if this conversation really took place or it is a staged one BUT in order for this to be staged, there has to be some truth right? And in fact, I have read about how some mums insist on natural birth for similar reasons – wanting a real birth experience.

I don’t see why C-section is not considered birth! Just like how I don’t see why only direct latch is call breastfeeding while bottle feeding expressed breast milk is not.

According to Merriam-Webster

Definition of birth

a :the emergence of a new individual from the body of its parent

b :the act or process of bringing forth young from the womb

Right! Just as long as baby came out of his/her mum regardless how… and motherhood is not defined by how you get your child! That goes even beyond birth… because you can also be a real and true Mother to your foster children, adopted children or step children!

And hell no that C-section is cutting corners!

To be honest, I personally admire mums who go through C-section because I would totally freak out! And I am blessed to have gone through two natural birth. Small E almost had to come via C-sect and I was stressed out for weeks because I am so afraid of the risks and post partum pain!

No matter if a Mum goes through C-sect by choice or by medical needs, it still takes a lot of courage! Seriously, why would being sliced up be cutting corners??!!

The sad thing about such thinking on C-sect is that not only lame people like this photographer thinks this way. There are fellow mums who have that mentality too and may have shamed some poor mums in their community before.

A shout-out to all mums out there – no matter what birth method you opt for, whether you breastfeed, goes salt free sugar free organic – YOU ARE STILL AN AWESOME MOTHER!

Comment or drop me an email if you are feeling strong about this topic too!

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