My miscarriage : The procedure

[By Big C] Continued from: My miscarriage : Pre-procedure So I made the decision to be scheduled immediately for the procedure. I remember during my reading, it was often called D&C (Dilation and Curettage) but my doctor ordered for "Uterus evac" instead. I later found out evac is also known as D&E (Dilation and evacuation). The purpose… Continue reading My miscarriage : The procedure

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I live demo-ed latching my son at a breastfeeding seminar

[By Big C] I latched my baby with no cover in front a group of expectant and new mums! It was a seminar presented by certified lactation consultant from Gleneagles; and due to some work relationship, I offered to be the model for the live demo.  Yes! I offered without thinking much until the LC… Continue reading I live demo-ed latching my son at a breastfeeding seminar


C-section is not birth?

[By Big C] A photographer refused to offer birth photography service to a Mum who will be going through a C-section. Read the story here. And I call it bullshit and rude! Here is their conversation. I don’t know if this conversation really took place or it is a staged one BUT in order for… Continue reading C-section is not birth?