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Review: MuzArt Learning Centre @ Hougang (MidTown)

[By Big C]

So Big E has been “pestering” me for Art and Craft classes as she is very interested in doing drawing and painting these days.

So I have been looking out for one at our RC. The first enquiry, the term has started and there will be no pro-ration of fees and the timing clashes with her I CAN READ class.

The second enquiry, the new term hasn’t started BUT we are #16 on the waiting list.

Then I remember seeing the brochure from MuzArt Hougang and I also saw their new outlet at AMK Hub next to her school.

So I went to explore the website and apparently even art for kids has heuristic teaching method. And yup anything that can help develop character and any traits outside of academic skills, I AM IN!

I then sent an email asking if they offer trial class. Ryan called me after a day or so and he was friendly and not pushy. He didn’t sound like a commercialised person who is very confident in sales pitching. Which is a good sign for me.

Immediately he scheduled a trial class for Big E to the best of class availability and our schedule.

We settled for Sunday 5pm as Saturday mornings are more packed.

The day came and we found the little cosy place. I was surprised to see that it is pretty small but that usually means less students and a better teacher:student ratio!

And true enough, it was practically a 1:1 for Big E that day!

Ryan shared that their average ratio is 1:1 or 1:2 depending on the slot. And he plans to have it at most 1:3 and max max 1:4 but nothing more than that.

I left her with the teachers and went for some me-time over in Hougang Mall. Hehe…

After 90min, I came back to this!

Teacher came to explain to me about what was taught and what Big E did.

So on the left, is what Teacher told Big E to draw. And from there, they talked and discussed and under Teacher’s verbal guidance and some demonstration here and there, she managed to finish the piece on the right!

Of course much guidance is given as Big E really not that much flair but there was no tracing or hand holding. So I am already impressed and proud of her works!

Then Big E was like asking me “can you please sign me up? Please please?”

So there you go, I signed up! And again a stretch in terms of $$ but seeing her happy face, what can I do? Haha

Currently, they are running promotion. So I paid total of $397. They accept cash or NETS or if you prefer to pay by credit card, you can do so via GrabPay. I think it is worth it since can get points!  Oh and yes this trial class is hence free.

  1. 1 month’s fee as deposit which will be used to offset the final month in event if withdrawal = $200
  2. 1 month’s fee for current month lessons (pro-rated so it works out to $100 for 2 lessons) = $100
    Actually you can also choose to pay in full, all pro-ration can be settled in final month.
  3. Registration fee = waived (Usual: $50)
  4. Material fee = $97 (After 65% discount)

The material fee includes the art bags and all the drawing boards, workbook, paints, crayons etc etc. Anything that they would need are included and they will keep the whole set in sch under each student’s name. In future, we will just need to pay for refill / replacement. For eg, run out of white paint then just get white paint.  You will also receive an official receipt via email with detailed breakdown.

Now, she has attended two actual lessons and her progress is updated in this app called Class Dojo! Download the app and you will receive the invitation from Ryan. Once set up, this is what you will see! I always love sch apps so I can see the side of my kids that I seldom get to see.

So if you are keen to sign your child up at MuzArt Hougang too,  drop me an email at or FB msg us at for Big E’s name as referral to enjoy $50 off!

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