Planning for a Trip (Part 2) – Itinerary Planner

[By: Small C] Continue from my previous travel post Planning for a trip (Part 1)

Today, I will be talking all about planning ITINERARY!

I always have a big headache when comes to planning for itinerary, especially when you are planning a trip with friends, is either everyone fill you in with their research and you alone type them into the itinerary. And guess what? At the end of the day, you are the only one who knows what is going on with the itinerary.

So, with the invention of Google Drive – Excel, it somehow solve the problem of just one person do all the planning. But however, it is still not the best itinerary planner. I prefer to have something that you don’t have to worry about template and yet you can just list out all the places you are going and then drag and drop them into your per day journey.

And, I found two good itinerary planner.


We provide tools for travel professionals to create experiences their customers love.


This is a web-based itinerary planner with two different account types,

  1. Travefy PersonalFree for personal use. The easiest online and mobile group travel planner. Plan your trip with friends and family.
  2. Travefy ProfessionalChargeable for Professional Itinerary Planner use.  Where you can save time and impress your clients. Introducing the simple way to send beautiful itineraries and quotes.

 If you are like me, just planning for your own trip, you can just signup the personal account for free.


You can plan itinerary alone or invite your friends who are travelling with you to collaborate in the planning.

I used Travefy to plan my April 2017 Taipei Trip. And I realised it was so much easier to get hold or edit my itinerary on the go.


Travefy also allows you to add your flight itinerary details. And it also allows you to add in the cost of your activity or transportation. If you want to shift activity to another day of your trip, you can simply just drag and drop.

So simple!

I really enjoy using Travefy in planning my itinerary and it really save me a lot of time as I love to list out all the activities then slowly park them into the different days of my trip and I also like to insert maps or navigation of direction into my itinerary. This is so much simple than using an excel spreadsheet.

Travel in groups.. Who pay to who?


If you are planning for group travel, sometimes you might need to collect payment from your travel mates like payment for accommodation or transportation. Travefy has this feature that allows you to keep track of your expenses and collection of payment from the travel mates or any payment you made to your travel mates too.

How can I view itinerary on the go?

No worries! You don’t have to carry a laptop around with you. You can download Travefy mobile apps to view your itinerary on the go. However, iPhone users can only view but not edit any of your itinerary on the app. You will have to edit your itinerary using your mobile web browser.


Ready to Travel by SATS



ReadytoTravel is a mobile app created by SATS Ltd. ReadytoTravel is your all-in-one mobile travel concierge for fuss-free travelling. You can store your trip documents here, receive important alerts, access airport maps, buy travel essentials and even create itineraries with friends you can store your trip documents here, receive important alerts, access airport maps, buy travel essentials and even create itineraries with friends.

“Ready To Travel – Travel Advice, Made Easy”


I heard about ReadytoTravel app on the radio station ad previously and decided to download the app to see what it is all about. After setting up my account and I explore and try the app out, I realised that the function is quite similar Travefy. And I tried to plan my itinerary for my upcoming Seoul trip to see which Itinerary is better.



Flight Itinerary

You are able to insert your flight itinerary. And given that it is an app supported by SATS Ltd who runs Singapore Airport Terminal Services, you can easily search for the airline and flight that you are flying into the app.

Travel Essentials

And one thing great about this app is that they have this feature, “Things you may have forgotten”, e.g. VISA, WIFI device, Travel Insurance or MFA eRegistration (For Singaporean who are travelling overseas can register with Ministry of Foreign Affairs about their trip in case of any emergency or crisis, MFA can contact you.) And for those who want to use the SATS Lounge (payable service) can book through ReadyToTravel app. So cool, isn’t it?

Experiences & Deals

They also have this feature where you can look for recommendation for the places to visit in the country you are visiting and the cost for visiting these places.

I believe when you are travelling overseas, you tend reach airport and check-in early so that you can do your shopping or have your meal before your flight. So, this feature will be ideal for you! Again, as ReadyToTravel is by SATS, you can find all the ongoing deals in Singapore Changi Airport. And to enjoy these deals, all you need to do is just simply flash the deals in the “Deal” tab to the respective participating stores.

Oh! And ReadyToTravel app actually show you the exchange rate of the country you are visiting. So, you can forget about going through additional mobile apps for the exchange rate. It really enhance travel experience and also the shopping experience at Singapore Changi Airport.



The format of the itinerary is quite straight forward, you can view your itinerary at one glance and do the respective editing of your planning. You are also allow to add your friends who are travelling with you to collaborate the planning with you too.

ReadytoTravel is a great app for people who love to do everything on their mobile phones. You can easily do your planning on the go. I guess, with this trip planner, you can now plan at ease and travel at ease! No more hassle!


For iPhone User:

For Android User:

Overall, both Travefy and ReadyToTravelbySATS are great itinerary planner. But of course if you compare both, you might find the differences. And it depends on your needs and what type of features you required for your planning.

In my opinion, Travefy is easy to use as you can just drag and drop the activity and it allows you enter the amount you spending for the activity (but limited currency). And also it allows you to record payments within the group (be it collection or payout). It is great that Travefy has mobile app which you can view your itinerary on the go. But, it would be better if you can edit your itinerary through the mobile app and not via internet browser or laptop. And also, sometimes you might run out ideas for places to visit or activity, and given that Travefy do not have the recommendation feature, you might need to do a little bit more work in researching on your travel planning.

While for ReadyToTravelbySATS, it is a mobile app for you to do your itinerary planning, which is ideal for on the go where you can edit and view your itinerary easily. But it will be better if it also has a web-based itinerary planner, as sometimes using computer is easier to do the planning. And having recommendation of places to visit can also help to reduce our time in research. If only they developed the drag and drop features for activities, it will be great and we can make our planning much more easier.

Hmm.. which one is better?

Both have their own pros and cons. I really cannot decide which is better. I like both planner and they meet my needs in planning. But, if I really need to choose a planner, I think ReadyToTravelbySATS will be my choice. Although, it does not have that drag and drop feature, I can still easily edit my activity by changing the date/time. And I like the recommendation feature as it helps to save a lot of time on researching for places to visit.  Of course, it is not the perfect app, as some of the features of Travefy are great and useful, especially for planning for group trip. Hopefully, both itinerary planners can implement even more useful features to make our travel planning much better and further enhance our experiences.

Disclaimer: This is a not a sponsored post and there is no partnership with any parties. I just want to share great itinerary planners which I find it useful. Everyone has their own needs in planning, but I present my thoughts and opinions based on my personal experience and my own planning style and needs.

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