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Getting my IUD at polyclinic

[By Big C]


I always dreamt of having three kids or more. Maybe because I felt it was great growing up with my 2 siblings so I wanted to do the same. BUT after two jittery pregnancy and trying to cope with every everything and facing all the financial constraints…

I decided that I will just stick with the 2 of them. I didn’t want to jeopardize anything in my life right now and I felt that Big E and Small E would have to make changes just to accommodate one more baby.

So I have been exploring different types of contraceptives. Exploring meaning just googling and asking around. I wanted something that don’t require me to remember or think. And with my depression going on, hormones seem not to be the right choice.

After some “research”, I decided to go for copper IUD. I have my concerns about the cost as I have never quite been to any private gynae before. Thankfully one mummy shared with me that it will cost only $70 at the polyclinic.

So I wrote in to NHGP (National Healthcare Group Polyclinic) to try to make an appointment at Hougang Polyclinic. That’s my favourite and nearest polyclinic.

The call centre called me back to confirm my enquiry and they told me that they will raise my request to Hougang Polyclinic. Nurse Hamha called me back to confirm the appointment date and time. She advised me on the side effects and that it will be done by a male doctor.

And I was surprised to know that IUD insertion is actually recommended to be done during our period! Because that is when our cervix is opened.

So yay! Because mine just started so it was perfect timing!

It was actually pretty nerve wrecking. Having pushed two babies out of my VJJ, I don’t know why I would still be that nervous? Pain factor was in my head too because all my pap smear experience seriously sucks. I just hate that feeling you know.

But the team were amazing! I met Nurse Hamha and she was so lovely and we had our chat about the medical history etc. Then when everything is set, she called the doctor.

Dr Sophie came along, together with Dr Marvin Chan. Dr Sophie was to do the procedure while Dr Chan will guide her through and ensure that everything is done right.

Dr Sophie advised that they would assess my down-there and see if they are able to do the insertion. Should they feel that it is not suitable for today, they will advise me to come back another day to try. And it fails again, they will refer me to KKH.

So I was just praying hard that I can have it all done smoothly. After removing the pants and all, I lied down on the bed and legs opened. (Sorry.. TMI!)

Dr Chan told me the trick to having a successful insertion was to relax and let the knees fall to the side.

I followed and then the procedure started. The awful speculum in feeling was there but not too bad. And there were some cleaning of the inside which I could feel some pressure but no extraordinary pain or discomfort.

Nurse Hamha kept reminding me to breathe in and out with my mouth to maintain the calm and relaxed mode. My heart was beating real fast while focussing to my position relaxed.

I didn’t quite feel the actual IUCD insertion. I could hear Dr Chan giving the instructions to Dr Sophie like going in and pulling out by one inch, then going in and pulling out by half inch etc. Once it is in, they had to make sure it was in place. Dr Sophie was to tug the string and feel little resistance but she couldn’t. So repeated the steps a little and I think she did feel the resistance but she probably didn’t know if that was the right feeling.

So Dr Chan took over to check and yeah, it’s done!

Cleaning up was again yucks. And removal of the speculum double yucks. But at least the discomfort didn’t linger. And I felt liquid flowing out of me! Embarrassing. I don’t know what came out till I stood up later. I thought it was my menses blood but it turns out clear with slight yellow tinge. Oh man, did I just pee? hahaha… oh well..

I rested for a while Nurse Hamha checked my blood pressure. The first time wasn’t good but I guess because my heart was beating really really fast before that. I rested for another 15min and I was good to go!

Other nurses who pop by were surprised that I was done! They expected a longer time because many of their patients were too anxious and they often need a long time to get the insertion done.

I was praised for being brave and cooperative. HAHA… I kept telling myself if I can go through birth, this should be easy!

Next will be a 6-week check, followed by a 6-month check and I am good for the next 5 years! Unfortunately I will need to remember the 5th year mark and make the appointment myself when the time comes. Of course I can remove it anytime I want too.

This coming month will be critical as IUD is not suitable for everyone and some may get infection, some may even get it expelled. But I am hoping for the best!

Another key thing to note is no missing any period because in rare cases, should I fall pregnant, it is likely ectopic. And to do a monthly check that the string is still there! Just to make sure it doesn’t get displaced somehow. The string is supposed to be at the neck of the cervix so it is way up there. Shouldn’t affect sex too much but hahaha let’s see what my hubby says the next time we are at it.

If you would like to ask me questions or know more about the procedure, feel free to contact me at thechuasisters@gmail.com or on our Facebook page.

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9 thoughts on “Getting my IUD at polyclinic”

  1. Really thanks so much for the article! Have been wanting to get one for a while now, but was concerned about the price since many of the more recent online sources (within the past two years) say it costs about 400 to 500 dollars, which is really expensive. Glad to see you can get it cheaper!

    Really appreciate bloggers like you who put information like this online!!


  2. Hello there!! Thank you for this, the information was all so helpful! I’m looking to get one inserted as well, can I ask if you emailed or called them to make an appointment? Thank you so much!


    1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply! I actually emailed in and they called back. They said Hougang polyclinic staff would prefer to set appointment directly with me so I waited for 2nd call to finalised on appointment. Appointment needs to be during your period.


  3. Hi! May i know if there was any blood test takem prior to the procedure? I was told by the polyclinic tht they need to take bloodtest first to check for haemoglobin level. If too low, then they will give medication n come back next cycle.


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