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My Face. My Skin Story [ Part 4] – Back Acne a.k.a Bacne.

[By Small C]

If you are having face acne, most of the time, you are not spare from Bacne either. And yes, I am also a victim of bacne. For almost 6 years, I am still combating against it.

Having acne on your back and chest is a sign that your acne is more likely to be severe.

I remembered during the days when my face was at its worst, my back wasn’t spared too. And because of the bacne, I no longer wear light colour tops. My tops are either black or navy blue. As I am worried that the bacne will burst and bleed at anytime when I am out.

I try to exfoliate my back twice a week but the more I did so, the more acne I get. I tried all types of cream, I even used my face acne treatment gel on my back. But nothing help.

It was around February 2016, I got to know about this Japanese Skincare brand, ORBIS. And I decided to give it a try. I bought their skincare together with their bodycare, hoping to get rid of my acne and bacne issues. (I will do a detailed review on their skincare product in the next upcoming post.)


Psss.. This is the upgraded version. 


I don’t use the lotion spray often unless the weather is very humid and hot.  While for the supplement, I actually take them on daily basis. Sometimes, one pill in the day and one in the night before heading to sleep. My main intention of taking the supplement pills was to hope that it can help to reduce the breakouts of my face. But, I guess my back is worse than my face. After taking the supplement, I realised that my back condition got better and the result is more obvious than my face.

And right now, I am still combating on bacne. And I realised that recently, I had a very bad rash due to the weather and especially after workouts, the sweaty back just itch like crazy. So, I am trying out new method to combat them. I will share with you guys again whether it works or not after I try it for a month or two.

Till next post…

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