Mummy, Baby and Four Walls

[By Big C]

crying baby

This is something that my hubby can NEVER understand! And I would get all angsty or feeling “what the hell” when he is so happy with himself for taking care of the little ones because he is NEVER really alone.

Either I would be napping but still at home or he would be at his mum’s place where my mother-in-law AND father-in-law AND stepboy would be around as his back-up! Yes, I do appreciate him taking charge of the little ones so I could have a breather but it is just so irritating whenever he thinks it’s so easy!

To be fair, my kids ain’t difficult babies, at least still manageable and I was clear of their cues. But it is just different when you have zero back-up!

When you are stuck sitting there with baby (latching perhaps), and baby decides to merlion. You cannot just shout “help me grab a cloth”! And you have no one to pass baby to while you clean yourself up.

When you have a real bad tummyache, you don’t have anyone to help “jagar” for even that few minutes while you sneak off to the toilet.

When you have to ensure you bring baby out to buy lunch before naptime, else you would probably have to wait till baby wakes

And you definitely wouldn’t have the luxury of napping or stoning when baby is awake! It’s a all-time alert mode.

Then you get your hubby asking “what have you been doing the whole day”?

BUT then… I am actually very thankful to this period of four walls because it totally boosted my creativity! When you are all alone, really you need to think out of the box to solve any problems…

For one, you might need to master everything one-hand! Yup, when your little precious turn terror and you need to carry him/her in arms and prepare that bottle of milk… or to finish up your cold lunch…

And after being through “life and death”, the bond between them and me are definitely stronger than anything!! =P

Here are some of the more significant memories…

1. Milk spits / merlion all over themselves, you, bed and floor
You have to really plan your next steps to minimise impact and clean everyone / everywhere up in the most efficient way! And to accomplish all these while keeping baby calm and quiet is a feat!
It feels abit like the river crossing challenge… hahaha

2. Rushing out from shower with water dripping from hair and milk dripping from boobs
Yeah, I have good let-downs so I tend to have alot  of leaking milk especially when baby is crying hard… Big E especially love cat-napping so I was always rushing for my shower once she (seemingly) dozed off… Though she is safe in the cot as a newborn, I still don’t like the idea of leaving them to cry.

3. Babywearing Big E (in wrong way) and washing bottles 
Back then, I didn’t know how to use the ring sling but it was still useful! I remember a particular day Big E was sooo clingy and I couldn’t put her down for her nap at all! But if I don’t wash the bottles, we would have none to use after her nap. So there she was in the sling like a yao lan, and I had to take extra care not to bump her head against the cupboard… thankfully she slept through…

4. Poonami on them and bed 
Hahaha yeah… you cannot continue putting them on the bed else more will leak and smear all overall. Yet, every additional second you delay cleaning up the bed, it will seep in deeper and deeper…

5. Latching baby while finishing BIG business in the toilet 
No judgement please! =P There is no other way around it really! Unless you want to let them cry till I am done. I hate to let them cry because that will only increase tummy wind. Somehow, this is one of the most peaceful times I have at home. HAHA

6. Dozing off while propping baby on my legs
This is worst time of the day back then! Hubby goes off to work and I just cannot keep myself awake at all! But baby needs entertainment / attention so I sat on the bed with my knees bent slightly to prop Big E up. Thankfully I bought the TinyLove rocker for Small E so I don’t need to pull off this dangerous stunt again.

How about you? Did you have the same experience? Share with me by commenting below or dropping me an email @!

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