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Baby wipes suitable for kids with sensitive / eczema-prone skin

[By Big C]

I grew up with eczema and I know how life is with the condition; and I cringed at the fact that my kids are likely to suffer from it as well. So from newborn days, I have been carefully monitoring to ensure that the baby products used are suitable for them. I wouldn’t say the most expensive or the most branded would do the trick. It has got to be suitable.

By that, I mean no rash, no flare… and kind to my pocket.

So today I am going to pick out the baby wipes that I have bought before over the past few years especially after Big E turned one. I remember I bought a carton of Pigeon wipes for her and it lasted us for nearly a year. Nearing end of that year, I started exploring other types of wipes and was so excited!

By the way, though Big E is 4.5yo and Small E is 2yo, baby wipes are still our best friend no matter where we are!!

So what do I look out for when I select their baby wipes?

  • Fragrance-free – I am personally particular about fragrance and my nose can get sensitive to certain scent.
  • Paraben-free – this is like the benchmark for all baby products so yup I decided that this will be a winning factor too
  • Alcohol-free – this is for sure. Regardless for myself or the kids.
  • XXXX-free – basically the more the whatever chemical-free, the better it is for me.
  • With xxxx-extract – I would go through these ingredients, but basically I fall back on my facial skin care knowledge to gauge
  • Purified water – recent years, they have been raving about this so this will always attract me now
  • Thickness of wipes – prefer something thicker for comfort and efficiency… yes I have encountered thin ones that I always had to double layer it in times of poo or very serious food drips. Usually the thick ones are smooth and soft too!
  • Claimed to be safe for sensitive skin – yup I need this claim to feel at ease
  • Portability of packaging – some are too bulky to be carried around while some are perfect for both home and on-the-go use
  • Packaging – cute ones really tempt me!! I will also prefer to use cap ones for home and refill types for on-the-go.
  • PRICE – I usually calculate their per piece price to compare!
  • Ease of purchase – ONLINE! Yes I prefer them to be delivered to my door step. And if the minimum purchase is too much for me, I tend not to buy because I want to have allowance to try out other wipes too!

Do note that:

  • All recommendations are from Qoo10 sellers because I shop mostly on Qoo10
  • Price may fluctuate from time to time due to promotion
  • Don’t forget to browse and apply for shop coupon / cart coupon to enjoy further savings.
  • This is in order of price per piece from highest to lowest.
  • Click on each product name for details.


I have used these on myself and my two kids who have sensitive and eczema prone skin that flare from time to time esp Big E. But I cannot speak for those with serious eczema. Pls do make your judgement based on your kids’ conditions.

[KOREA] Natural Organics  Baby wipes

Price per price: (Refill plain) S$0.033 / (Cap plain) S$0.036
Delivery charged by LoveSprings @ S$3.99.

We used this about a year back. It’s really thick and smooth! And check out all the certification it has! Superb for cleaning newborn. But the price is higher than the rest and the pack is really bulky! Definitely not good for portable.

natural organicsnatural organics 1natural organics 2

[JAPAN] Moony Baby Wipes

Price per piece: S$0.038
Delivery charged by Earth Nature @S$4.90

These are great too! Their earlier version were thin and rough but the new versions are thick and soft! The packaging is also thin and light which are great so I can bring it everywhere.


[KOREA] Gomdoli Premium Organic wipes

Price per piece: (refill type) S$0.030
Delivery charged by Homie @ S$4.99.

The packaging is so cute that even my kids love it! We bought the portable ones as well. I like the thickness and the texture too. The packaging is good! The tape is thick and it doesn’t crumple like some brands. And the wipes stay moist even when we leave it in the car.

Gomdoli basic wipes

[KOREA] Bya Bya premium wet wipes 

Price per piece: (cap type / peppermint) S$0.023  ; (cap type / original) S$0.029
Delivery charged by BLMG @ S$3.95.

This is the latest that I am using! I love the packaging and the texture of the wipes. Happy to have invested in this bulk! I actually bought the Original for home and portable peppermint ones which are very useful when we dine out.

bya bya originalbya bya original 1bya bya peppermintbya bya peppermint 1

[KOREA] Jeju island wet tissue  

Price per piece: (refill type) S$0.021
Free delivery by Jeju_wet wipes

This is the longest standing wipes I see in Qoo10! And for the price, I am even happy to use it to clean surfaces and for my personal use. The moisture level is good. Texture is acceptable though I think there are thicker and smoother ones to my preference.

Jeju island wet tissueJeju island wet tissue 1Jeju island wet tissue 2


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