Ballet trial class (Little Stars) for kids @ Stepping Out Studios (2 Dec 17)

Just signed Big E up for the trial class!

Registration supposed to have closed yesterday I.e 25 Nov 17 but I forgot to call them! Since today we decided to bring the kids to City Square Mall to check out the Transformers, I thought of trying my luck.

Yes! Still able to register! I have been looking out for ballet trial classes because Big E said she is keen but I don’t know if she knows what to expect! I don’t wanna pay for the whole term fees and she decides to drop out after just a couple of lessons.

Plus we can get 20% discount off the Term One fees if we decide to sign up for the actual class.

So excitedly, we arrived at Stepping Out Studio (located on Level 8 at City Square Mall) and asked the girl at the counter for recommendation. Big E has zero dance background and she is only turning 5 officially in May 2018.

Which class to take?

The girl recommended us to go for the Little Stars (Ballet & Jazz) because pre-ballet is examinable and child has to be 5 and above to take the exam. So it was better for Big E to go through a term or two of Little Stars to prepare herself better before pre-ballet. Timing wise, she would also then be eligible for the exam.

Which time slot to take?

Next we had to choose the time. Obviously we didn’t want to take our chance of choosing the 9am slot, so we decided on 3pm.

What should Big E wear?

I asked for the dress code. Tee shirt and leggings plus bare feet. Since Big E doesn’t have ballet shoes yet, and there is risk of slip and fall with socks, bare feet is the way to go.

Venue: Stepping Out Studios (#08-05) City Square Mall

Date: 2 Dec 17

Time of trial classes : refer to leaflet

Fees payable : S$14 per class

Trying calling them at 6509 4300 or visit them in person to see if they still able to register your child for the trial classes.

I will update after the trial class!

See you there if you have signed up too.

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