How are we going to protect our daughters (and sons) from sex predators?

[By Big C]

I read this piece of news (see below) and I tremble with with both fear and anger!!! And seriously I have no answer to how to keep my kids safe!!

Man on trial for allegedly raping, sexually abusing 13-year-old girl over two years

Image from Channel

This is ridiculous! How can life subject us parents to such fear? How are we going to entrust our kids to even teachers / coaches or any person who is supposed to be of authority and caring for my child?

These freaking men who make use of their professional (okay… hell with that professional) role to prey on innocent children and scar them for life!

Other than becoming overly skeptical about every male being and getting over protective and restricting the kids’ activities, what else can we do to keep our kids safe?

I don’t know the answer. At least not now. I try to think back my growing years. I was naive. Very naive. I realised only now that I had subjected myself to many risky occasions! And if I would freak out if Big E were to do that.


I am never the clubbing sort but yes I did hang out with a bunch of adults whom I got to know while working part time. They were decent people, just enjoying drinking at KTV and my god, they can really sing well…

So I remember there was once, I was feeling pretty down (forgot for what) but I didn’t want to head home after the session. This guy who stays nearby sent me home and he came back when he realised that I didn’t get in the lift and was sitting at the void deck. He came to chat and he didn’t want to leave me alone. So we took a cab and he brought me to a nearby hotel. I didn’t think much and I felt he was being such a nice friend!

By the way, he was abit drunk and my other friends called to see if I reached home safely. One of the guys asked to speak to this drunk guy and I could hear that fella shouting at this guy ” Don’t you dare f*** around with her!!!” And this guy just mumbled some stuff and asked me to go wash up and have an early night.

I remember my heart skipped a beat when I heard that sentence. It suddenly occur to me what could have really happened! Thankfully, this guy is a decent guy. He really did just pay for a hotel room just to make sure I was safe and not left alone out there. THANK GOD! But I am so going to freak out if Big E were to do the same!!!

There were several occasions where I hung out with boys overnight somewhere in groups but of course nothing indecent nor unfortunate happened.

I always thought nothing of hanging out with guys until, I met with this incident…

We were buddies and we supposed to watch some soccer matches together – in a hotel room. Right, to me, it was just for convenience and comfort sake! And it was near where I worked part time so why not? And I did miss spending time with him because we really chat alot during school days.

I dozed off and things happened. I didn’t know if it was romantic advancement or simply lust at that point. A part of me wanted to go with the innocent intimacy i.e kissing and hugging. But as it escalated, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted.

Thankfully he respected my wishes and he was really apologetic after we left the place. He explained later his reasons and it wasn’t anything romantic. It was plain lame and I have no wish to share it here.

I was traumatized and humiliated. I felt like I was such a stupid fool to have put myself into that situation. And of all guys I hung out with, he was the one I trusted the most…

From then on, I became more careful and more sensible… until I met the good man – le hubby! Hahaha…

So to myself and mums with boys…

Can we make a pact to raise them to be decent boys who would protect the girls and not take advantage of them?

And to myself and mums with girls… 

To agree that we must raise our girls to be sensitive enough to sense dangers / ill-intentions and be brave enough to stand up against the predators!

To all of us parents…

Be there for our kids whenever they need us! Adopt open communication so they would come to us when they meet any form of threat or danger. #parentinggoals

Last but not least, may all sex predators burn in hell!! May all boys and girls be safe!!

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