Review: Tickle Tickle indoor playground (Hougang)

[By Big C]

UPDATE: They have unfortunately ceased operations from 20 June 2018.

Whenever the kids’ school (childcare centre) has a closure due to occasions like annual spring cleaning or staff development day, I will take the opportunity to bring them to this indoor playground – Tickle Tickle!

I chanced upon this place when doing extensive research for one that is near our place i.e Hougang and affordable! Indoor playgrounds are horrendously expensive! So when this place only charges S$13 for the kid for unlimited hours, and adults enter for free, I was happy to go for it. Now the price is even lower! Read on to find out the new rates and promotion!

Tickle Tickle is located in the same building as Hougang Sports Hall.
Address: 93 Hougang Avenue 4 Singapore 538832

Other than the price, what else do I like about this place?

It’s great for little tots and preschoolers because the obstacle area is not too challenging yet there is still excitement for the climbing, tunnel, slide and ball pit!

I feel safer this way (if you have read my “Don’t be THAT Mum“, you would know that I freak out at the thought or imagination of my kids getting physically hurt in any way.

Plus there are lots of toys for both boys and girls to play with. It feels gender stereotype-free because everything are mixed! I love it this way so there isn’t like a boys zone or girls zone. Just toys.

And there are toys suitable for the different age groups. Both Big E and Small E were occupied with different toys and occasionally coming together to do some pretend play.

I love the “no-crowd” too and the compactness of the place so I can chillax a little knowing my kids are safe. Brought Big E to Waka Waka once and I was constantly running around and trying to locate her. Not that agile either to climb those tunnels.

Over here, I feel safe enough to even sneak off to the washroom. Yes, the washroom though located outside Tickle Tickle, is just a few steps away! Good for Big E too when she needs to pee.

Occasionally we do meet some other kids but the place is still big enough to accommodate different groups of kiddos at different play areas.

The toys can get messed up like everywhere if there are many other kids around that day. There are new toys and old toys; some have missing or misplaced parts but few. But surprisingly all the battery operated toys still works well!


Tickle Tickle review
The place is small and compact but also separated into different zones.
Tickle Tickle Review (9)
Tickle Tickle Review (1)
The mixed toys zone!
Tickle Tickle Review (3)
Big E made new friends!
Tickle Tickle Review (10)
Rare chance for her to play with Barbie
Tickle Tickle Review (7)
Pretend-play as mama
Tickle Tickle Review (2)
No gender stereotype! She can be whatever she wanna be!
Tickle Tickle Review (5)
Toys for younger tots
Tickle Tickle Review (4)
Small E – the little policeman
Tickle Tickle Review (6)
This is in a big room with the tricycle and cars.
Tickle Tickle Review (8)
He insisted on giving Baymax a hitch!
Tickle tickle review food
Have your meal or bring some snacks if you don’t want to end up with these!
Tickle tickle review high chair
High chair is available in case you need to feed your tots.

The lady in charge here is very nice and I really like that she will focus on the kids first. She will get them to sanitize their hands before I even pay so that the kids can run off to play first. I appreciate this because you know, excited kids who are gearing to dash for play can be hard to contain.

So off they go to grab the toys, I can have a peace of mind making the payment and checking out the latest promotion.

Maybe it’s her tactic to make sure I have time and peace to hear her up-sell, hahaha but still… I like her style!

Hubby is always saying that the kids can just play at home but I feel that there’s so much more that they can play with here and not to forget those Little Tikes and Step 2 vehicles! And definitely it’s better than letting them play with the new toys at ToysRus… hahaha right???!!!

But you need to be prepared that they won’t want to leave even after hours! This visit, I was there from 1230pm to 5pm…

The rates & promotion: 

I bought the Weekday card x 1 so I can bring them together for another two times!

Tickle Tickle Price (4)

Tickle Tickle Price (3)
Weekday deal
Tickle Tickle Price (2)
Weekend / PH deal
Tickle Tickle Price (1)
Great deal if you are arranging playdates!

Remember to bring these along:

  • Money – to pay for the entry and possibly drinks / cup noodles
  • Water bottle – yup or you will need to pay for the drinks which ain’t worth paying extra for
  • Snacks – they only serve coffee and cup noodles there and there is no walking distance eateries around
  • Jacket – it can get a little cold since it’s fully air-conditioned
  • Diapers, wipes, milk – everything that your tot may need
  • Power Bank – to charge up your phone because you will either be taking loads of photos of them OR entertaining yourself while they enjoy on their own
  • SOCKS – this is the MOST important and it applies for both adults and kids who enter the play area! Else you will need to pay S$3 for each pair.

Do you bring your kids to indoor playgrounds too? Which one is your favourite? Or do you prefer to bring them to outdoor playgrounds?

Share with me by commenting below or drop me an email!

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