My kids watched: Big Hero 6 (Disney)

[By Big C]

Yup, I am not the zero-screen kind of mum though a part of me is dying to do so… but you know sometimes screens are life-saver. I get judged pretty much especially when my Big E is diagnosed with myopia + astigmatism + lazy eye at tender age of 4. More about this soon in another post alright?

Aside from eye sight issue, actually screen time has been a great education and communication channel for me and Big E. There are many scenarios that I can relate to our everyday life and use them as examples for teaching what’s the right thing to do.

So to kick start this series of post, here is Big Hero 6!

Theatrical release poster (from Wikipedia)

It was screened back in 2014 and Big E got to watch it on the computer when she was near 2 years old. Her favourite is naturally Baymax! She was going Ah Max Ah Max as she couldn’t really speak yet. I even got her a Baymax plush.

Hubby and I will take turns to sit with her during her movie times and so you can imagine the number of times I hear “Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion!”

But the interesting thing is, she would discover something new everytime she rewatch it. And as she grows older and older, she starts to understand more of the plot and the humour. Even now at 4.5 years old, she still enjoy it very much.

I like this movie for the kids because…

  • The music is catchy and kids enjoy it
  • They touched on topic of death and grief in perspective of a child
  • There was a scene where Baymax advocates car seat belt safety and we used that to explain and remind Big E!
  • It talks about friendship and how people that seem very different can come together and be buddies.
  • It showed the struggle of the villian, of why he did what he did
  • There is also a twist where the obvious suspect is innocent and the well-respected one turns out to be the villian instead
  • There is no romance / BGR (boy-girl relationship) like how my era of Disney movies revolves around

Highly recommended! It would be a great movie to watch with your kids and discuss age-appropriate questions. But you may not like it if you have concerns over weapons and violent movements.

I hope you enjoy it and do share with me your views via comments below or email!

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