Help! My kid is not speaking yet?!

[By Big C]

Both Big E and Small E had the same issue at their 18-month development check at the polyclinic. Both were done at Hougang Polyclinic (and it’s free!)

So we have both the nurse and the doctor asking me if they were able to say simple words like papa, mama etc.

My answer is always… papa yes.. mama no… (because there is no need to call mama since mama will respond to any kind of sounds right?)

So they will always look concerned and ask the kids more questions to which they seldom answer. Well… stranger danger! Haha

Doc says they should be speaking simple words by now!

And then I will get advice like they should be speaking simple words by now and I should practice more with them, like talk to them more or bring them to play dates. They will look even more alarmed when I say that the kids are in childcare so they are interacting with teachers and other kids everyday!

I reassure them that my kids have their ways of expressing themselves and their wants / needs.

But they will always be very concerned and asked me to return for a follow-up.

Few months down the road and again it is a quick Q&A and attempts to communicate with the kids.

Conclusion? They are fine.

Yeah… I know it all along! Haha but I wouldn’t blame them for being careful. Early intervention is always good if indeed the kids do have any form of delayed development.

Currently Big E is 4.5yo and she started talking like a boss at about 2plus?

It was like what I imagine…once they start… they can’t stop 😀

She speaks so well that sometimes we can’t win her argument! So this strengthened my belief and confidence in Small E’s development!

He just celebrated his 2nd birthday about 2weeks back and he is only saying very few and simple words with not-so-good pronunciation. Words like no, let’(s) go, cannot, watch, tank Kew (yes that’s thank you).

My parents are asking me why isn’t he talking properly yet because their friends’ grandchildren are already greeting all the relatives like 姑姑,舅舅 etc. Teachers in school are also taking every opportunity they have to encourage him to speak. Usually they try to make him say some words or short phrases before giving him his milk or food because those are usually his most cooperative times!

To be honest, I am not worried at all!

Oh well, let’s see how things go from here. I still believe that it will happen when it is meant to. And I am sure once he starts talking for real, he will just be his Sister 😉

Share with me if your child faced or is facing the same issue! Comment below or drop me an email!

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