My Work. My Life.

[By Small C]

I am working in a local SME company and unlike Big C, I am working a fixed no. of hours and no. of work days per week. Given that I work in SME, the manpower was obviously limited and my job-scope just spread throughout the whole company. I have to take care of the finance department (which is my main scope) and also overseeing two other sales divisions.

And when you have colleagues that are not so helpful and understanding, you tend to have a lot more work to do and cover. But thankfully, I have a great boss who really see my efforts and appreciate my hard work.

However, the stress level is just so high and I am always pre-occupied with my work and my work doesn’t seems to be able to complete. And as I am pursuing for my degree on a part-time basis, I tend to be slacking on my studies. As a result, I put my studies to a PAUSE. As I am really quite demoralized and finding a new direction and focus before going back to my studies.

Yup, I took a year break and headed back to my part-time studies in January this year. I am still trying to cope and adjust myself back to the study mode. And with that, time management  become very important. As I need to juggle between work and studies.

As you might have realised that the amount of posts reduced greatly, it not because we had forgotten about this blog but just that we are pretty occupied each day. And I need to compose myself to actually sit in front of the computer to do my blogging like after 8-9hours of work with computer. It is really a little too taxing my eyes. So, I tend to slack a little.

I am currently working on more contents and writing up more product reviews, so please bear with me for the time being. I believe things will definitely be on track soon.

Pss.. I really cannot wait to share my travel to Seoul~ more posts will be coming!


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