For mums who want to return to workforce

[By Big C]

Awesome initiative by Mums at Work (Singapore)!

JumpStart Programme is an initiative that not only help match employers to mums who wants to return to the workforce, it also provides a trial period plus reintegration training programme which will be sponsored by the employer!

You may have given up your career to become a stay at home Mum or give up a full time position for a freelance / part time role instead. All so that you can have more time for your children.

However, as the kids grow older and more independent, you may start to feel bored or stagnant. You don’t feel like you have any progression despite the fact that you have raised amazing kids! That’s normal! And it is normal to want to be back as a working female and perhaps have something else in life other than kids and kids…

As you start browsing through JobStreet and its likes… you start to wonder if your skills are still relevant… would the employers be ready to employ someone who has been out of the workforce for years?

I do have friends who are facing this problem and so I am very happy when I see this new initiative!

If you are also a Mum who is ready and keen to return to workforce, do check out their website for new job openings!

If you are a employer, check out this programme and give us mums a chance!

You won’t be disappointed because mums are amazing creatures!!

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