Who is Big C?

Hello all!

I am Big C, the elder sis and I am a regular Singaporean working mum. I would be using this space to share everything on my mind – about life, kids, work, fun, love… You may find me random but you know… life is as such… full of randomness ~

More about me and my family…

I am a FTWM (full time working mum) 
who is blessed with flexi-work arrangement that is not tied to any company policy. It is purely based on agreement and trust between me and my direct lead. Cool, isn’t it? That of course I have to ensure that I fulfill whatever is expected of me; and yes actually we do have some kind of work log that keeps us under “control”. =P

Both my husband and I are born in year of Rat…
Just a cycle apart! Yup, he is 12 years older. Look out for my stories of how life is like with a much older hubby.

We have 2 + 1 kids
17 year old (born 2000) stepboy – pursuing diploma in Poly (M)
4.5 year old (born 2013) girl – attends full time childcare N2 (Big E)
2 year old (born 2015) boy – attends full time childcare Toddler (Small E)

I had an early miscarriage in 2014
had to go through uterus evacuation at Week 10. Fetal pole was never seen from the start.

I had a dramatic blood gushing pregnancy for my rainbow baby
Huge amount of blood and clot masses flooded my toilet during the first bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital for a total of FIVE times before miraculously smooth delivery at Week 37!

I have an amazing sister aka Small C!
She leads a very different life from me and so sharing this space would be interesting!

Signing off,
Big C

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