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Where to get cheaper Gerber puffs in Singapore?

[By Big C]

gerber on iherb FGL106

Gerber puffs (and its likes) are one of the must-have of toddler’s snacks! It’s cute in shape and it’s easy to pack. Tots can practise their pincer grips and I simply love how I can count One, Two, Three and it sounds like I am the more generous mum when I announced TEN! Of course, sometimes when I simply pour it into their bowl, the sound of the puffs hitting the bowl sounds really generous too!


It’s so useful when the kids go one more one more! Better one more puff than one more cracker.

But the thing is… the kids simply down bottles by bottles every week! And it’s not cheap at all… S$6.95 per bottle

I started looking out for any place that sells them to check the price and promotions! But nope… the closest I come across was Twin pack @ S$12.95 in the supermarkets.

Then! I found iHerb!


Yes! It’s going at only S$4.36 each!

Plus you enjoy additional 5% volume discount if you get 3 or more.

Plus enjoy 5% loyalty credit for your future iHerb shopping.

Plus enjoy 5% reward credit when you buy from my affiliated link (while I enjoy 5% reward credit too.)

Plus for first time iHerb shopper, you can also enjoy one-off USD 5 cart discount when you enter my code “FGL106“.

Plus enjoy FREE shipping if your total purchase is above USD 60.00 which they converted it as S$82.19.

Note: all expiry date is indicated clearly for every product! Be sure to check it before you stock up!


Shop for your little ones’ Gerber puffs here:

Strawberry Apple flavour
Peach flavour
Banana flavour
Sweet potato flavour
Apple Cinnamon flavour

Organic ones that goes @ S$5.41

Green veggies

To enjoy your first time USD 5 off, don’t forget to enter my code FGL106. And double check the product links that it should contain code FGL106 too for you to enjoy your 5% rewards credit.

There are loads of “treasures” to be found in iHerb! Have fun shopping!

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