Things my kids say (1)

[By Big C]

I am sure every parent would have their great library of things that their kids say. They are often hilarious yet impressive – like I never expect her to actually think of those stuff.  I love listening to Big E because it reflects the thoughts that a preschooler has about life and everything around her. They are also important reflection because many of those things come from us (without us realising).

Mummy… girls when we grow up we will become mummy right? And have a big tummy then have a baby come out right? And boys will be the papa….

Hmm.. right.. haha I have no idea what triggered that but she is aware of how I had Small E in my tummy and then he came out one day.

I laughed and said, erm yeah.. without continuing with the topic because I guess it would be too complicated to explain about not all female would want to be a mother and not all mothers get their children from childbirth as they could be adopted too…

How would you respond if your kid say the same thing to you? Or does your kid say funny stuff too? Comment or drop me an email to share!

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