Need a pharmacist urgently? Try MyDoc!

[By Big C]

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Being parents means going to Mr Google, Facebook groups or Whatsapp mummy groups for help when we noticed something strange about our kids or wanting to self-medicate but can’t remember the dosage.

Then you know you will get comments like “we are not doctors! please go to the doctor now!”

But there are always times where we just can’t rush to the doctor as we wish and say the consultation fees can be avoided at times.

Or while waiting to go to the doc, you could do with some advice.

Today, while checking details on domperidone (nope, haha not for boosting milk! It is really for my bad tummy!), I found this app – MyDoc.

First of all, the App is free!

And you can join Guardian public group which is also free!

And you can chat with their panel of pharmacists and get free consultation through live chats! Yup no video chat required!

And it is 24/7! So in case you are deciding if you need to run to the nearest clinic. This might be helpful!

Think of situation when you have Zrytec and your kid is exploding with allergy reaction. This could be a real timely help!

They can also advise you on the dosage, the nearest outlet with pharmacy and the pharmacists on-duty hours.

Sadly, Consult a doctor function and eMC are not public. (I wish…) Those are functions are private groups which I believe are supported by insurers or companies.

Hope this app can be helpful to you as it has been to me!

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