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My 1st polymer clay workshop at!

By Big C

Have you see AiClay’s miniature food works? They are amazing! And I have been dreaming about attending her workshop for like more than a year?

[Update: I attended another workshop – Nonya kueh! And now I am exploring on my own! Read more here…]


I FINALLY JUST DECIDED YOLO! I just got to do this… especially when she is going to have her 1st baby.. which means she would probably pause her workshop till “I dont know when”.

The workshop cost $130 for weekday slots and $150 for weekend slots. Weekends are tricky for me with the kids so I decided to go for the weekday slot and just apply half day leave. 😛

So here we go…

Her home studio is beautiful and cosy , located at Boon Keng. For her privacy sake, I will not share her actual address but it is definitely an accessible location.

She has this huge wooden table that comfortably seats 8 of us and she has prepared a set of tools and materials for each of us. She also has water, glass and snacks prepped for our convenience.

And out of respect and courtesy for her intellectual property, I am not sharing details of the steps and tricks that she has shared. But what I can say is she is a great instructor, it is my 1st time handling polymer clay and judge for yourself my end product! Hehe…

If you want to find out more about the techniques and her secrets, do sign up for her workshop! Scroll down for details of her next workshop!

All these tools are included in her AiClay’s Pocket Kitchen
Starting on the rainbow bread
Creating the classic rainbow swirls
Adding the crust. MOST STRESSFUL STEP!
Ta dah! Actually only part of job done
Left: Aiclay sample Right: my half poked job
Trying to curve the bread
Cant believe I created this!!
Hehe comparing with the real stuff but haha melting…

Anyway she has an upcoming bread backet workshop but only 2 sessions. So if you are keen, be quick to register! More information here.

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