Exploring polymer clay art after Aiclay workshop!

[By Big C]

So after my 1st workshop and purchasing the lovely Pocket Kitchen Ultimate which was developed by Jocelyn (Aiclay) herself…

My master piece under Jocelyn’s guidance and using her own crafted Ang Ku Kueh mold!
  1. I attended a 2nd workshop to learn Nonya Kueh! Because it is her last workshop before she gives birth in October and really we don’t know when she will restart her workshops again.
  2. I also tried to replicate what I’ve learnt and I think it was pretty successful? Thanks to the Pocket Kitchen and her step by step guide. During the workshop, the coloured clays were all pre-prepared for us to allow us more time to do the actual sculpting and texturing. So her step by step guide was very useful with the details of the colour mixing.
  3. After trying to “bake” the finished pieces over stove for weeks, my hubby bought me a oven toaster! Thanks to him and Harvey Norman (for the sale!). So now baking is so much more relaxing and faster!
My own replicated Lapis Sagu (九层糕)- made into ear studs / magnets (I’m selling at S$12 / pair)
My own replicated Ang Ku Kueh using Aiclay’s mold. made into ear studs / magnets (selling at S$10 / pair)
My own replicated Ang Ku Kueh using Aiclay’s mold. made into adjustable ring (selling at S$6 / pc)
My own creation – newborn full month gift box magnet or display (selling at S$18/set. comes with the gift box too)
Items in polymer clay except plate (made by other artist in ceramic)
In packaging.
Left: Replicated the bread and created my own peppermint choc ice cream!
Right: Created this entirely myself! Choc ice cream with wafer biscuit… Yums…
Both can be made into magnet or ear studs – selling at S$10/pc
  • Every food clay piece is hand crafted from high quality oven baked polymer clay
  • Only Ang Ku Kueh are made using Aiclay’s mold
  • Accessories such like tray / plate may be hand crafted by me or purchased from other artists. Such info will be indicated.
  • Ear studs are (i) rhodium plated stainless steel (ii) gold plated stainless steel.
    Suitable for sensitive skin, however do avoid getting the ear studs if you have sensitive / allergic reaction towards any jewelery that are not 925 silver / 916 gold / similar grade.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or feedback and of course if you are keen to make any purchase! =)

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