Things my kids say (3)

[By Big C]

Two conversations revolving muscle men… hahahaha…

Some background…

Big E has watched The Tooth Fairy movie and she loved it so she recognizes Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock as Tooth Fairy. So after that, she would call out “Mummy! Tooth Fairy!” whenever she spots him in a movie.

and one day, I decided to educate her a little..

M: Big E, actually his name is Dwayne Johnson
Big E: *she couldn’t pronounce Dwayne properly”
M: Oh, or you can also call him The Rock…
Big E: The Rock? how come he is called the rock?
M: Errm.. I don’t know? *I didn’t wanna have to explain what wrestling is about”
Big E: Oh I know! Is it because his muscles look like rocks?  

Then today, we were watching Journey to the Centre of the Earth…

Big E: Mum? How come those mem with big big muscles have that two small thing there?
M: Huh? what small thing? *then i saw her point to the chest. Oh! That’s the nipples. You also have. But just that they wear very tight tee shirt so it shows.
Big E: Ohh.. *look at herself But I am wearing loose clothes..
M: Yah.. but usually boys will show and that’s okay. Usually girls don’t show it. So we wear the singlet.

Because she wears singlet with her uniform too (actually is to keep her abit warmer due to air-conditioned environment and not modesty). Again, I wasn’t keen on explaining about bras and why women have breasts and nipples and have to wear a bra and why men doesn’t.. etc..

Yes, that’s Big E… endless questions…

Does your kid say amusing things too? Comment below or drop me an email to share!

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